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Unread 16th of February, 2002, 05:14
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Random Question Redux

What got you started in role-playing, and especially in D&D? Also what was your first character ever?!

For me I was always a bit of a history buff. And I especially enjoy the history of warfare and the middle ages. So my friend was starting a campaign a few years back and I decided what they hey. My first character was a LN fighter, a bounty hunter in fact.
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Unread 16th of February, 2002, 05:42
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Posts: 2,047 (0.32 per day) is what got me started in role playing. I hate the fact it got me addicted (NEVER AGAIN will I play repetetive MMORPG's or MUD's), but nonetheless it has brought some good things too.

And my first character ever was a ranger named Shintor (he died when trying to smoke a white dragon from his cave).
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Unread 16th of February, 2002, 06:11
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my random question idea
curse you
still my idea worked, looks like there might be life here afterall

when i was 8 or 9 i saw the monsterous manual (no idea what edition) i think it may have been the original but i'm not sure. I think it was white but i have a crappy memory. So i really wnated that book becuase i was always interested in fantasy (not the sexual kind, that started later ) my dad would play heroquest with me and my bro. I also played a load of the tsr crpgs (like the ones you make on FRUA) on my c64

then we started playing warhammer and warhammer 40k
when i got to secondary school i joined the games workshop club, the 6th formers player d&d(2nd ed i think) and shadowrun. I used to listen in and i really wnated to play (didnt have the balls to ask though, they were like 7 years older than me and alot taller)

So i got Warhammer quest for some birthday which was alot like a board-rpg and then my friend brought in the 1st edition phb, i borrowed it. Read the rules (it was ancient and missing pages) and we got set up to play, the game never happened
So I decide i will own the MM, i check all the shops and cant find it only the advanced book (like the complete gide to elves and crap) so i order it. The book never arrives

When i was 13 or 14 I got the MM for christmas, with my xmas cash i bougfht the 2nd ed Phb and Dmg (from amazon) along with some dice

then a started a camapign, it was full of good intentions but as it progressed for about 3 years i realsie dmy players werent all that into it: one of my friends went down the dark road of whitewolf (crap games, but whatever floats your boat), another left school after his GCSEs, one didnt seem to have the interlectual power to pla ythe game (the rules are a mystery to him after 3 years of playing, he doesnt really grasp the 40k rules either), and the other was fairly enthusiastic but couldnt come that often
so i cancelled the campaign
I'm now president of the school gaming club but i dont involve d&d there (or any other rpgs) there isnt really time or anyone interested
So i see the phb and dmg one day in town at Waterstones (the other week i found the MM i had ordered, had my name on a little bookmark thing and everyhting looks like they lost my phone number though), i convince my mum to buy me them
That weekend i get the MM
then i "played" my first game, it was a pbp. Actually it started around 2 months ago. Sad eh? I've been playing for about 4 years but only started playing games recently. Thats becuase ther eis nowhere to play near me
anyhow when i get to uni i should be able to change all that

thats a long story and it shows my lack of play exp hehe, shame that
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Unread 16th of February, 2002, 18:32
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In highschool, i sat in on a couple of sessions of AD&D and thought it looked great, but I was drawn more to the power of the DM's chair rather than being a peon of said power.

After I'd left and 3rd edition came out, i was asked to Assistant DM for a friend and loved it even more..

My first chance as a player came about 8 months later (by this time the group was well and truly defunct), and I was canvassed over email to join in on an IRC game starting at 4th level ...

Enialis - 4th level sorcerer (specialising in electro-magic), and his rat familiar, Brindle (colored black with metallic red streaks).
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Unread 17th of February, 2002, 10:02
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What really got me into D&D? The Hobbit. My father gave me a copy of it for Christmas when I was about eight. Of course being eight I thought it a terrible gift and promptly tried to wrap it back up and give it to him. However after a bit of coaxing I read it a year or two later and fell in love with Tolkien's world. After that I got into "the Trilogy" (as it is referred to in my house) and that's where I met Legolas. I was thoroughly enchanted with elves and their society.

From there I sort of wandered by a D&D display in a local bookstore (before it was relegated to some forgotten back shelf). I didn't think much of it until a buddy of mine that I met through a theater program asked me to come and play one weekend. I did and it was fantastic.

My first character? I can't really recall as it was classic D&D but my first 2nd edition was Al the Halfling Thief. Yeah he ate it from a demon, but he was a barrel of laughs.
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