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Unread 10th of November, 2009, 04:33
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Magic Item Wish Lists

In order to help ensure that the magical treasure that you guys get is actually stuff you're going to want, each of you should maintain a wish list of items in this thread. Said list should have 1 item at each level on it, but need not go all the way to level 30 right away. Generally you need to itemize out your list about 4 levels in advance. When an encounter calls for a magical item reward, I'll look at the lists first for something that is appropriate to the encounter. Use the[list=1] tag or otherwise number your list so that I know what level each item belongs to.
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Unread 20th of November, 2009, 07:26
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1. Headband of Perception (not important)
2. +1 Whistling Songbow
3. +1 Versatile Chain Armor
4. +1 Healer's Brooch

Alternatively, if it's allowable, I would like a level 1 "+1 Songbow," a sort of +1 magic bow usable as a bard implement (but without any additional powers).

If so,
1. +1 Songbow
2. Prison of Salzacas
and so on

If no level 2 items will be coming my way, then
1. +1 Magic Leather Armor
3. +1 Songbow of Vanishment
4. +1 Healer's Brooch
and so on

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Unread 27th of November, 2009, 13:07
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  1. +1 longsword (level 1)
  2. +1 dwarven plate armor (level 2)
  3. shield of protection (level 3)
  4. everlasting provisions (level 4)
  5. gauntlets of ogre power (level 5)
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Unread 2nd of December, 2009, 06:35
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1. +1 Maul
2. +1 Hide Armor
3. +1 Amulet of Health
4. +1 Battlecrazed Maul
5. +1 Companion's Defender
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Unread 30th of January, 2010, 12:39
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Level 1
+1 Hide Armor

Level 2
Badge of the Berserker +1
Boots of Adept Charging (Heroic Tier)

Level 3
+1 Vanguard Fullblade
+1 Bestial Hide Armor

Level 4
See items @ lvl 2/3

Level 5
See items @ lvl 2/3

Level 6
Iron Armbands of Power (Heroic Tier)
Horned Helm (Heroic Tier)
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Unread 28th of June, 2010, 14:25
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+1 Totemic Spear (level 2)
+1 Leather Armour, any kind
(level X)
+1 Neck Slot Item (level X)

Beyond that, surprise me.
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