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Unread 13th of April, 2010, 04:07
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Go ahead and start posting characters guys. I guess we'll run with the modified amber STAT system unless there's a huge uproar against it. We can tweak and modify characters as needed before the game, so don't be afraid to make mistakes.
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Unread 13th of April, 2010, 06:09
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Name: Francis Assisi
Representing: Francis
gender: female
age: 24
Hero status: Francis is a flooder who has discovered her main and secondary power during the surge.
Residence: small apartment in a suburb of a big city
profession: communications technician at a local broadcasting company
outlook on life: she thinks disputes should be settled by talking and diplomacy rather than fighting. She has adopted a 'self-defence only' attitude towards violence. She has followed a course in self-defence bare-handed and stick fighting, just in case. You never know as a young woman in a big city.
She has a lot of friends, mostly female, dating back to highschool and college-time.
Her parents have died. She has an elder brother, who feels protective towards her. She doesn't have a relation at the moment.
She is rather shy and doesn't mix easily with men.

Powers: telekinesis is primary, super-sight is secondary, flight is dormant.

Power: 40
Strength: 10
Agility: 25
Endurance: 20
Warfare: 5

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Unread 14th of April, 2010, 07:52
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Post Ricky Stevens

Name: Ricky Stevens.
Representing: Explosive Cheese
gender: male (varies, but his base form, which he likes returning to, is male)
age: 15 (subject to change)
Residence: nowhere in particular; the streets of a big city (same as Francis, I think)
Occupation: street urchin
Outlook on life: Arrogant and egocentric, willing to break whatever rules may be in his way.

An only child of middle class parents. They have always accepted him no matter what he did, and this has led him to become spoiled, selfish, and ill-behaved. After the flooding, when Ricky's shapeshifting powers manifested, an incident left Ricky on the streets, with a worse personality than before (I'll be revealing more about this In Character). He's struggled to learn to survive in a harsher world than where he was brought up, and has used his powers mostly for his own ends, disregarding any and all rules. Ricky doesn't know much about others with powers, and feels he is unique. His knowledge of human nature has not been improved by his life on the streets.

Primary Power: Shapeshifting - limited to living beings of either similar size or mass, who Ricky has either encountered or had described to him.
Secondary Power: Variable density (hardness and phasing) - in-character, would basically let him channel power to move through objects, or harden himself against objects. Mechanically, maybe allow swapping of agility and endurance points? (with limits, maybe up to a 10 point swap?)
Dormant Power: Invisibility/Chameleon Form - invisibility is obvious, though Chameleon form (adjust appearance to reflect what's behind him. Only detectable when moving, or closely examined by someone with keen sight) might be more fair. I don't know what the stats change would be.

Power: 15
Strength: 10
Endurance: 30 (+/-10 from Variable Density)
Warfare: 10
Agility: 35 (+/-10 from Variable Density)

I'm a little fuzzy on how powers and attributes work here, so if something doesn't look right, let me know. Also, if we decide to auction, assume that I'll go high for power agility and endurance, and low for strenth and warfare.

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Unread 17th of April, 2010, 07:30
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John Stock
US Military Special Ops
Realized Empowered: Previously SMC was the only power and it only worked on himself.
Age: 49, but through healthy living and a lifetime of exercise he looks about 35.
Black hair, almost jade green eyes, John stands 6’0” and has a relatively slender build with muscles that ripple under his skin.

John grew up in Hong Kong, the son of a British Diplomat and an American actress. Both of his parents died in a car accident and he was remanded to the custody of his mother’s parents in the United States when he was 14. He was always good at sports, but he felt a calling to go into the military and server his country. He did so right after high school. His military career ended the same day as his retirement party. As a Colonel, with 30 years into the service, his retirement package is considerable. He has kept himself from taking any offers to rejoin for the last 6 months as he wants to see how the US handles the new wave of empowered people. Being one himself, he wonders should sides be drawn, which side he will drop down on.

Primary Power: Slow Motion Control
Secondary Power: Rapid Healing Factor
Dormant: Immortal

Attributes (100 points, total)
Power: 25
Strength: 5
Endurance: 25
Warfare: 30
Agility: 15

Slow Motion Control:
The ability to slow things down around oneself or in an area one can see or sense. Directly around oneself it allows for seemingly phenomenal acts of agility and fighting ability. The character can almost never be surprised and can generally dodge such slow things as bullets with relative ease. This use of the power takes little energy and can be maintained almost indefinitely with an average Endurance Score.
Used in an area effect takes more energy, but can have drastic effects on others. While the character will never reach the ability to stop time completely the more Power he can throw at it, the more effective it will be. Broad based for a large area the character can reduce the reaction time, general fighting skill, movement speed, and even damage of kinetic based attacks by 1 point per every 3 effective Power. Used more narrowly on a few grouped individuals this can reduce it by 2 for every 3 effective Power. Used against a single target the effects are even more drastic (but left up to the GM).
When used against a group of individuals or on a single target, those individuals must be able to be targeted. Used as an area effect, anybody in the area is affected negatively, barring the user.

Slow Motion Control has detrimental effects on John's senses when used to high enough degrees. Hearing is affected first as sound slows enough that his ears cannot register the differences in pressure, then sight as light itself enters his eyes with slower speed. Taken to extremes, John's own power can render him deaf and blind, until he relaxes or releases his ability.

Immortality: John permanently loses 1 Endurance point every time he dies. Upon reaching 0 endurance, he is no longer a fully-functioning empowered until his healing factor has had 100 years to restore 1 point of endurance back to him.

Healing Factor: It takes John 3 weeks to regenerate a limb given proper medical care. The healing factor does not grant immunity to virulent disease, although John is unaffected by most common maladies and infection. John's healing factor is negated by say, immersion in acid, or whilst (but not after) he is on fire, being shocked electrically, ect. Any prolonged damage overwhelms the healing factor quite quickly.

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Unread 18th of April, 2010, 11:46
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Aaron McGillen:

Primary Power: Power Mimicry (lasts until overwritten)
Secondary Power: Power Sense (must be within a close proximity to work)
Dormant: Power Negation

Attributes (100 points, total)
Power: 30
Strength: 20
Endurance: 15
Warfare: 10
Agility: 25

Aaron grew up as a regular kid, nothing special, decent grades, etc. He was nearly ecstatic the first time he was near an empowered person and able to copy their ability, thinking it to mean that he was no longer a regular Joe. Aaron is overall a very fun guy. He has a constant sense of humour that often causes him to overlook the seriousness of some situations. He has often gotten himself in trouble with his lightning fast wit. He often is caught saying things he doesn’t mean, his mind sometimes moving slower than his sharp tongue. When he does manage to control his wit, he often is able to persuade people with logic that he comes up with on the spot.

Power Mimicry: Aaron is always a weaker user of the ability he copies unless he has a power score at least 10 points higher than the person whose ability he has mimicked. All PCs are treated as if their power score is higher than Aaron's when he is mimicking their ability unless other circumstances exist. (Power negation works just fine in this regard.)

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Unread 22nd of April, 2010, 06:08

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Name: Nick Rawne
Representing: Darkwingstalker
Age: 29
[my character looks damned similar to the one above. But that's okay. I came up with this one ages ago =p ]

Rawne is a career soldier. Was in the cadets from 13, joined up with the infantry the day he was eligible.

He quickly developed a reputation for terrible luck that was quickly matched by his ability to survive, members of his squad still talk in hushed whispers of the time he ducked under an RPG.

At 27 he tried out for the SAS, and made the selection. Special forces led into the fray. And then the pulse. When the pulse hit Rawne was crouched in a doorway with nothing but an empty rifle and a smile with a squad of US army rangers after an extraction gone wrong. A grenade spun through the air towards the open doorway when Rawne plucked it out of the sky, and tossed it back outside, saving the lives of everyone he was with, before leading the squad successful out of the ambush, and to safety The Rangers CO cited him for the medal of honour, and the US government agreed to give him one under the condition the UK military loaned him to the US government for the duration of the "pulse crisis"

Primary Power: Weapon Master (Rawne is uncannily good with firearms and other weapons) (GM NOTE: Sorry DWS, but agility bonus comes from your other ability )

Secondary Power: Super-Reflexes (Rawne moves incredibly fast. The reflexes are hardwired in, he can't switch it on or off,merely has to trust it'll do it's thing.)

Dormant: Unknown as of now

Attributes (BASE. Bracketted numbers are "powered up)
Warfare 30
Agility 25
Power 15
Endurance: 10
Strength: 20

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