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Unread 9th of November, 2011, 03:16
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November 2011 Creation Challenge: The First Stone

Decided not to bother with the system mechanics... so here's my submission, for what it's worth:

The First Stone


At the dawn of time when the God's sang the world into being, the first stone was just that. The first stone that was ever created.

It is the epitome of inertness, the model of solidity, the archetype of being.

Physical Description and Properties:
A perfect sphere, around the size of a mans head and charcoal grey, it weighs enough that the average man cannot move it* under normal circumstance.

If a man can, without assistance, lift the stone above his head the God of stones will deem him worthy to carry the stone and, for that man, it will be as if the stone were a trifle to carry as long as his hand remains in contact with it. This can only affect one person at a time.

The stone cannot be damaged so would make a good shield or or maul (so need to stat up as a weapon/shield).

Special Abilities:
heavy Stance: When carrying the stone the player may choose to weigh, at will, as much as if they carry the stone at full weight so they cannot be easily shifted etc.
Smash: When using The First Stone to knock down or through a wall or statue etc. the player's strength check rolls as a natural 20.
Hone: With a certain amount of time and successful DC check, a player can add a +1 to any bladed weapon for the next certain number of attacks made with it by using The First stone as a whetstone.
Imbue: If The First Stone is used as a material component for a Ritual spell it is not consumed and if the ritual creates a construct or fortifies something, the construct will be one level of hardness improved.

*(exactly the weight that would cause the character with 10 strength to be unable to move it by the encumbrance rules... 230lbs)

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