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September 2011 Creation Challenge: Felldred Laresh

Major Villain: BBEG Status

Note: This character was created specifically for an Exalted Game, and thus will have a section of details referring to his position in that system. The generic information is presented in such a way as to make tranferrence into a similar high fantasy setting possible.

Description: A fairly handsome man with sharp, angular features and a long, pointed nose. Clean shaven with platinum colored hair, average height (5'10") and weight (around 170 lbs). Typically wears robes that reveal excessive wealth and a taste for riches. He often poses as a champion of justice and glory and as a good leader of men (Solar in Exalted), and is currently king of an enormous and powerful kingdom.

Generic Character information and history:

Felldred Laresh was born and raised in a large city, and was taught from an early age to be kind and helpful towards others. He spent the first twenty years of his life working as hard as he could to aid the city, and dedicated himself to the god of peace. He hoped to one day make all people safe and healthy, protected from the evils of the world. Unfortunately, it was around this time that the ugliness that lay within his soul began to take hold. He slowly became corrupted by all the chaos that he saw in the world, and he despised it. People are hurt by a lack of predictability. One day people are carefree and happy, the next a bandit swoops in and kills them. We must have order.

This corruption and perversion of his ideals slowly ate at him, and he became monstrous: no longer caring as much for the good of people, but for law and order, hating any disruption or anything unexpected. Chaos must be destroyed. He hid his dark designs to take away all freedoms from the people of the world (with no freedom comes no opportunity to do evil deeds after all), and used his golden tongue to move himself into a position of power. It was around this time that he was visited by a devil of hell, who made a pact with Felldred. The devil merged with Felldred, granting him immortality (at least immunity to the ravages of time and illness), and magically reinforcing his already impressive oratory skills. Felldred was now a servant of Hell itself, dedicated to destroying anything in the universe that was chaotic at all.

He dreams of one day destroying all of the gods and deities so that there would be no competing doctrines: there can be only one will guiding creation if there is to be order. All fey creatures must be purged, all creatures of chaos annihilated, and all sources of chaos sent to oblivion.

He has infiltrated heaven itself, disguising himself as a being of pure goodness and law. Although he rarely visits, he has sources of information there now and is keeping track of celestial movements.

On the rare occasion when magic does function to detect the malice he holds, the caster of the spell detects the following image:
A large hourglass, glowing sickly green with an equal amount of platinum sand in both halves of the hourglass that floats freely inside it, the sand not flowing. The hourglass seems intricate, and is wrapped in chains with a lock.

Abilities: He is immune to most forms of detection magic and scrying magic of any sort, even that from divine beings and deities. He immediately knows when others attempt to glean information about him as such, and manipulate the magic to his will. He steals the power of gods in secret to power his magics (In D&D he would be an Ur-Priest), and is capable of incredible feats of diplomacy, converting most to his side with a grand speech (and a little bit of covert magical coercion). His abilities with divine magic are incredible. He is a front man for legions and legions of hellish soldiers and warriors, as well as hordes of demons. He is capable and more than willing to call to them for aid if necessary, although he prefers to exhaust nonviolent methods to get his way first. He is extremely knowledgeable about laws and regulations of almost every nation, and knows even the most mundane of bureaucratic rules and regulations.

He is currently the king of a massive kingdom, and is positioning himself to eventually gain control over the entire world, as a stepping stone towards his eventual goal of ruling everything.

(Generic Character Information Ends Here)

Exalted Specific information about this character:

Exalted Info: His anima is an hourglass, glowing sickly green with an equal amount of platinum sand in both halves of the hourglass that floats freely inside it. The hourglass seems intricate, and is wrapped in chains with a lock.

Exalted Status: Felldred Laresh is an exceptional case amongst infernals, even considering that all infernals are exceptional, and is currently the strongest of Maleficar. The demon he merged with was a servant of both Cecelyne and She Who Lives in Her Name, and both Yozi fought with one another over Felldred as a servant. While Cecelyne won that fight and claimed mastery of this infernal, Felldred Laresh is a servant of both Yozi directly, and aims to accomplish both of their goals over any other. Frequently works with Fiends of The Ebon Dragon, and has a base of operations in The Blessed Isle.

Ultimate Goals (In Exalted Setting): Destruction of all Gods, to return creation to the control of the Yozis. Destruction of the Wyld and the Unshaped Chaos beyond it and all of their inhabitants using Oblivion as a power source (and possibly growing Oblivion directly and feeding the Wyld to it).
By destroying the primordial forces of chaos, he hopes to bring creation into a state of perfect order (and eliminating free will). Wishes to either bring creation into a state similar to the Underworld to free the Yozi, or to find a way to undo the binding agreement to free the Yozi without directly harming creation, but in a state of perfect law. By destroying the Unshaped Chaos, he destroys all that exists within it (an infinite amount of ideas and things), thereby limiting existance to the orderly world under Yozi law: The Yozi will rule all. He wishes to destroy the Shinma, and steal their portfolio's and give them to the Yozi, making the Yozi the very embodiment of these metaphysical concepts.

He considers his greatest foes to be the Unshaped (as well as Raksha Nobles) and the Unconquered Sun, as well as Autochthon and Gaia for deserting and betraying the other primordials (the Yozi).

Use the propaganda spread by the Terrestrials to direct forces of Terrestrial Exalted against the Exalted party. (Wyld Hunt)

Working with a specific Neverborn and several of his Deathlord Servants(and therefore with forces of Abyssals) to assist with conquering creation, and then to destroy The Wyld and the Fair Folk.
(Note: the Neverborn wishes to destroy all of creation, Densar Laresh intends to backstab and betray the Neverborn once he has accumulated sufficient power).
He manipulates various Abyssals towards his goals and to do his bidding.

Has a goal of destroying all Chosen of Luna (Lunar Exalted) and either imprisoning, or annihilating their exhaltations forever. (Lunar Exalted are beings of chaos)

Allied with the Bronze Faction of the Sidereal, playing them for his benefit. Has a base of operations within Yu-Shan, and uses the Bronze Sidereal to help orchestrate the Wyld Hunt, specifically against the Lunars (and the solars by correlation). With the aid of his Deathlord allies, he has developed sorcery to defeat the foresight and precognition of the Sidereals when used to forsee his future, and can manipulate what the Sidereal finds (thus making it easier to control them).

Has a team of Akuma assisting him from the shadows and behind the scenes. Is more than willing to call a Hellthing if necessary to gain the assistance of additional Infernals.

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