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Resurrection Falls - Creation Challenge August 2011

Town: Resurrection Falls, Montana (formerly Thompson Falls, about halfway between what were once Spokane, Washington and Missoula, Montana)

Location: the former state of Montana in what is now the People's Republic of America - Mei Guo Renmin Gongheguo.

Area Map (altered from Google Maps)

City Map (altered from Google Maps)

History: When China absorbed North Korea and unleashed their horde of superhumans against the world, simultaneously with Russia, Iran, and Colombia, the world responded with force. But that force was unprepared for the strength of the superhumans created with Chinese/North Korean science, and crumbled under the assault.

America, with its strict policies against genetic manipulation and its anti-science bent, had been completely left in the dark with respect to the creation of super-humans. The US was left gasping and unprepared by the superhuman strength of China and struggled to find a way to fight back, but was unsuccessful. Within weeks of the invasion, and five Presidents later, the US was finally forced into surrender. By that point most of Europe had already fallen under the Russian assault and a Muslim Caliphate had been established across most of the Middle East, southwest Asia and Africa. A few countries had managed to hold out, mainly through their own super-protectors, something the US simply didn't have.

Rural areas of the northern United States (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota) and western Canada (Alberta, saskatchewan, Manitoba) were pretty much left alone during the Chinese invasion of North America. After the official surrender of both the Canadian and American governments, minor Chinese superhumans and smaller units of the military were sent to major (if you can call them that) population centers of those regions to establish control and to enforce the edicts of the unconditional surrender by the former nations.

In the enforcement of the new rules, the Chinese were brutal, particularly in places where it was assumed that resistances would spring up, notably college campuses or other locations filled with young idealists. This led to a huge crackdown in the city of Missoula, a major college town, and the subjugation of the people in the area. What few resisters were left fled into the forests and mountains nearby, relying on the kindness of former neighbors, and avoiding patrols--or worse, snitches--that routinely swept the area.

The growing movement got word out to other pockets throughout the nation, via a sort of underground railroad, and became the center for US resistance. A hidden government lab was founded deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, not far from Thompson Falls, and the remaining scientists, the ones who managed to escape the Chinese purge, started to work on their own superhuman program.

__________________________________________________ _____

Major players in the area include the city council, the resistance, and the local Chinese superteam responsible for controlling the area.

City Council: The governing body of the area (which includes pretty much all of Montana north and west of Missoula) is made up of four Americans who report to the Chinese authority based in Missoula. Since the population in this area of Montana is very limited, there is somewhat more freedom of operation here than in cities like Spokane and Missoula.
  • John Parsons - Former Sanders County sheriff's deputy whose wife was rounded up and taken away in the initial invasion of America. Cowed into submission by the Chinese superhuman, Red Fox, John is the head councilman, which doesn't mean much of anything except that, in the event of tie votes, his vote counts double. Too busy worrying about his kids to cause waves in the new society, John turns a blind eye to the existence of the young super-hero project in the area. Any blatant exposure, however, forces his hand, and he turns in those he feels he has to in order to protect the other townspeople.
  • Jessalyn Brown - 911 dispatcher whose husband served in the National Guard and is presumably KIA. Jessalyn lost her only child, Lisabeth Brown, to miscarriage right at the beginning of the invasion, and grieves for her husband and unborn child. She knows a few people in the resistance, but is in no emotional state to join.
  • Samuel Foreman - Retired cowboy who lives alone on his farm on the outskirts of town. Foreman secretly supplies the growing resistance that's forming in the area. His hidden stockpile of small-arms is shared freely with the resistance, who returns the favor by bringing captured weapons back to him.
  • Virginia Mansenetti - Owner of the only still-functioning restaurant in the city. She once tried to open a strictly Italian fare restaurant, but quickly switched to more varied, All-American foods. Never the most successful businesswoman, she was definitely the most tenacious, which explains why she's even still able to run a business now. She knows next to nothing about the resistance, but suspects something is going on simply because of the slowly growing population.

The Resistance: The resistance is made up mostly of former students at the University of Montana in nearby Missoula, many of whom fled into the woods when the college was destroyed in the invasion.
  • Doctor Michael Parkins - The head researcher/scientist in charge of the resistance's superhuman experiments. He's the one who managed to synthesize the Chinese super serum from a blood sample secretly taken from Red Fox. Doc Parkins had a secret lab underneath his mountain hunting cabin, which is the only real reason for the resistance's scientific advancements.
  • Jason Lamorra - A former track and field athlete who has taken charge of the student movement that lives in the forested mountains of western Montana. He has natural leadership magnetism and is preternaturally good-looking. Jason was the "first" resistance fighter injected with the super serum, but because of a collusion between Doc Parkins, Jessica, and Major Colvin, was given a placebo and told the serum didn't take. He's both too headstrong to be smart about super-heroics and too valuable as the formal leader of the resistance.
  • Jessica Lance - Jason's girlfriend. She was a biology student at the university and is Doc Parkins' gofer/head assistant. Jessica is the classic nerdy girl who inexplicably ended up with the handsome jock, but in this case it's because she's simply that smart. Although she is a glorified secretary most of the time, it was her ingenuity that allowed for the collection of Red Fox's blood in the first place.
  • Major Mason Colvin - An army biotechnologist who managed to escape the Chinese and wend his way to the resistance headquarters. Mason's involvement in advanced bio-tech research is what gave Doc Parkins the ability to synthesize the serum. Without Mason's detailed knowledge, the resistance would be years away from creating their own super-heroes, rather than about to inject the first five test volunteers.

The Chinese Council: Missoula has become the major seat of Chinese Communist rule in the former state of Montana. The ruling council covers Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, washington, and Oregon, and is tasked with keeping order in the area.
  • Red Fox - A Chinese super-human gifted with speed and the ability to shift into the shapes of any creature he has touched. His most preferred form is a red fox (hence his chosen sobriquet), the very first alternate form he successfuly shifted into.
  • Zhu Bao - The Chinese consul responsible for the five-state northwest region of Mei Guo. He holds the ceremonial rank of colonel (Shang Xiao) but people follow him more out of respect for the man than his position. Bao is a clear-headed master of chess, with all the preplanning expertise that entails. He is usually several jumps ahead of both his friends and enemies.
  • Li Han - The actual head of the military presence in the area, Han holds the rank of major (Shao Xiao) and is simply a frightening human being. He is fully devoted to the Chinese cause and will take any and all measures to ensure its success. Terror is his business and business is good.

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