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Unread 20th of August, 2007, 05:54
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Challenges: A Guide to the Experience Impaired

Welcome to the wonderful Challenge forum, the place where those of us not suitable for normal social contact are permitted to congregate. It is here that events are run that don't quite fit under the "Tournament" description for one reason or another.

You're very welcome to post in the various threads (assuming it is open to discussion of course) and even to start your own challenge here. Just make sure to exercise common courtesy and try not to overlap challenges too much, both in content and in time. Should you wish to start a challenge just PM LuneMoonshadow or Linklegacy77 so that he may add your challenge to the schedule.

With that said please follow some simple guidelines to keep the forum relatively organized and easy to navigate. Whenever you begin a new challenge have a sign-up/details thread where you post the rules of the challenge as well as allow people to sign up. Close the thread when sign-ups are finished to lower misunderstandings. Any subsequent threads created for your challenge should use a tag at the very beginning to distinguish them. As an example, the Housecat Endurance Challenge will have the [HEC] tag on all of its threads.

Thanks again and enjoy your stay.

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