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Hubald Mondas


Name: Hubald Mondas
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Deity: Kord
Class: Monk
Level: 5

Ability Scores
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 16 (+3) 4th level increase went to DEX
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Hit Points
Current: 5d8 ( 36 HP )
Max: 36 HP

AC: 16 or 17 with single dodge opponent = 16[Base] + 0[Armor] + 3[Dex] + 2[Misc from WIS] +1 class bonus at 5th level
AC (Flat-Footed): 13
AC (Touch): 16
Miss Chance: 0%
Max Dex Bonus:
Armor Check Penalty:
Arcane Spell Failure: 0%
Spell Resistance: None

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +6 = 4[Base] + 2[Con]
Reflex: +7 = 4[Base] + 3[Dex]
Will: +6 = 4[Base] + 2[Wis]
Modifiers: Evasion as class feature, +2 vs enchantement ( still mind class feature)

Combat Bonuses
Initiative: +3 = 3[Dex] + 0[Feat]
Base: +3
Melee: +5
Ranged: +6
Additional Modifiers: None
Proficiencies: club, crossbow, dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, ninchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, siangham, sling

Unarmed strike (bludgeoning ; size:unarmed attack) weapon focus on fists
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 1d8+2 (x2)

Quarterstaff (bludgeoning ; size: Two handed melee weapon)
Attack Bonus: +5
Damage: 1d6+2 (x2)

Crossbow, not on person at all times (piercing ; size: Ranged weapons, two handed)
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 1d8+0 (19/20x2)

Handaxe, not on person at all times (slashing ; size: light melee weapon)
Attack Bonus: +5
Damage: 1d6+2 (x3)

* cross class skill
** cannot use untrained
Armor Check Penalty:
Appraise +0 = 0[Int]
Balance +8 = 5 ranks +3[Dex] – 0[Armor Check]
Bluff +0 = 0[Cha]
Climb +2 = 2[Str] – 0[Armor Check]
Concentrate +2 = 2[Con]
Craft +0 = 0[Int]
Decipher Script +0 = 0[Int]
Diplomacy +2 = 0[Cha] + 2 synergy from Sense Motive
Disable Device +0 = 0[Int]
Disguise +0 = 0[Cha]
Escape Artist +8 = 5 ranks +3[Dex] – 0[Armor Check]
Forgery +0 = 0[Int]
Gather Information +7 = 5 ranks +0[Cha] + 2synergy from knowlege local
Handle Animal +0 = 0[Cha]
Heal +2 = 2[Wis]
Hide +3 = 3[Dex] – 0[Armor Check]
Intimidate +0 = 0[Cha]
Jump +7 = 5 ranks +2[Str] – 0[Armor Check]
Knowledge (local) +5 = 5ranks +0[Int]
Listen +7 = 5 ranks +2[Wis]
Move Silently +3 = 3[Dex] – 0[Armor Check]
Open Lock +3 = 3[Dex]
Perform +0 = 0[Cha]
Profession +02 = 2[Wis]
Ride +3 = 3[Dex]
Search +0 = 0[Int]
Sense Motive +2 = 2[Wis]
Sleight of Hand +3 = 3[Dex] - 0[Armor Check]
Spellcraft +0 = 0[Int]
Spot +7 = 5 ranks +2[Wis]
Survival +2 = 2[Wis]
Swim +2 = 2[Str] – 0[Armor Check(x2)]
Tumble +5 = 3[Dex] - 0[Armor Check] + 2 synergy from Jump
Use Magic Device +0 = 0[Cha]
Use Rope +3 = 3[Dex]

Name (# lbs)
Quarterstaff (4 lbs)
Crossbow light with twenty bolts (6 lbs)
Handaxe (3 lbs)
Backpack with attachements for waterskins ( 2 of them) (10 lbs)
Guard dog (- lbs)
(# lbs)
(# lbs)
(# lbs)
45 feet by 60 feet two story house in average middle class part of town with plumbing (unmovable lbs)
(# lbs)
(# lbs)
Magic Item Name (# lbs)
Total Weight: 23 so far.

Walk: 40 ft
Run (x3): 120 ft
Run (x4): 160 ft
Hour Walk:
Hour Hustle:
Day Walk:
Special: N/A
Light Load: 58 lb. or less
Medium Load: 59-116 lb.
Heavy Load: 117-175 lb.
Lift Over Head: 175 lb.
Lift Off Ground: 350 lb.
Push or Drag: 875 lb.

Current: 10 000
Needed: 15 000

Money and Gems
GP: 9000 minus spent 2025 (house + dog) weapons+ammo 43 GP.- tangle foot bag, the bet of Soul Eater.


Feat Name [Level Obtained]
Weapon Focus Unarmed fist [human bonus 1st level]
Dodge [1st level]
Stunning Fists [bonus monk 1st level]
Deflect arrows [bonus monk 2nd level]
Mobility [3rd level]

Class and Racial Abilities
Flurry of Blows
Unarmed Strike
Still Mind
Ki Strike ( magic)
Slow fall 20 ft.
Purity of Body.

Character Description
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 136 lb
Handedness: right
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: light tan
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The story so far

Hubald never had an easy life. He was born in a numerous family that could not feed him. At a very young age, he was given for adoption to a religious orphanage. Slightly built and not really attractive, Hubald was never adopted by anyone and was eventually forced to go live in the monastery, against his will.

He doesn't remember much from his parents and his siblings but he also doesn't care much. A few images and smells here and there is all he has left from his family. His first memories are of the brutal beatings he got at the orphanage from the older kids. Hubald was always the one to be picked on because he was so small and fragile. He could barely fight back against the older, faster, stronger kids. The broken bones mended with rest and help but Hubald had to spend a lot of time isolated to be kept from the other kids. He would not have survived if not for the attention given to him by a few protective mothers in the orphanage. His nose will forever be crooked to the left from the many times it was broken by elbows and punches.

As young as seven, Hubald knew the power of stealth and avoidance. It was the only way he figured to avoid the fights the other kids wanted to pick on him. He learned to recognize who was coming around a corner by the sound of the footsteps. Faster steps meant a kid and possible trouble. Long noisy strides meant a sister and that was safe. It was around that age as well that wrestling and escape became a method for survival.

At the still tender age of nine, Hubald was moved to the monastery. He was too old to be adopted, nobody would want him anyways. He was simply too frail and sick looking. There, rules and order was instilled in him. By force sometimes. Still a young boy and wanting to play, he was in a world of adults, rigid rules and protocols to follow. At least in the monastery, Hubald was told what he did wrong before being punished for it. He accepted his faith with a quasi-serenity and it made him a better person for it. He slowly became to be a good student and finally learned to read and write. Later and slower than most kids who did, but he managed pretty well nonetheless.

It was in one of the huge monasterey books that Hubald found his calling. The classic monk duel. One on one, unarmed and unarmored, he read the stories of the great epic fights between monks from times past for the right to teach their own martial ways in the monasteries. The book relates some fight that were over before a single blow was attempted, one of the monk bowing before the superior expertise of the other monk. Some epic fights lasted from sunrise until sunset and both monk agreed to a draw over supper, discussing techniques like old friends and finally deciding to teach together to better unite their experiences. They fought in duels at regualr interval, respect growing for the other with each one. It is said that both monks died on the same day, still without a winner decided betweem them. They were honored by their student and put into one big grave, together or so the story says.

Hubald found honor and a certain love for the monk duels. He was crushed to learn that they were not practiced anymore. He started to do some of the exercices written in the books on his rare spare time. He dreamt of the great masters going at it, his mind creating fake duels in his heads from the written accounts of the great book of the Monastery.

Years went by and Hubald kept up his exercices. On his fifteen year, Hubald doesn't know his actual birthday because his mother brought him to the orphanage and simply left him at the door, Hubald now a young serious monk, was offered to stay in the monastery forever. In his heart, that is what he truly wanted, a life of dedication and the dream of restarting the wonderful tradition of the duels one day.

Like all monks, Hubald had to pass a year and a day outside of the monastery before being allowed to join for life. He went straight for Cordrean on his first day out of his " Path of the Monk" year.

What he found in the city simply shook his world to the ground. He could not beleive his own eyes at all the different things out there. Of course with his education he had a factual experience of things outside but not a first hand experience of much else. He found adapting to the city life very difficult because order frankly did not exist in his view in the city. A few months went by and his experience was growing and his conceptions about life changing at the same time.

One day he found the stadium, overhearing a vivid conversation about one of the matches presented in the morning, his curiosity piqued, Hubald just had to find out what that duel was all about. He was blown off by the magnitude of the experience. The crowds, the noise, the betting, the drinking, the.....the strange honor and respect participants gave to each other. He wanted to find out more about this, these fights. He presented himself to one of the organizers of the stadium fights and said he wanted to be in a duel. As a rookie, he had to fight many matches one on one at the same time as other people before one day having a match only by himself with a mroe decent opponent.

He went through the ranks, fought many times, against honorable and dishonorable opponents. Made friends and bitter enemies. The year and a day past by and Hubald reported his joining back to the monastery, he could always go back if he wished it but he had some unfinished buisness right here in Cordrean.

He eventually made a comfortable living out of his gladiatorial matches and now looks for something more........
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