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Unread 21st of March, 2005, 15:32
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Cool I think I'm done here.

Well, it's been fun hanging around the boards and all, but I think I'm going to pack up my stuff and get on outta here. My players in my Exalted game went AWOL on me, and I don't have much else to do on this site. PbP gaming just didn't catch on with me.

Ah, well. Thanks for giving me a shot at GMing online.

itches, BigRedRod - you crazy bastards take care. It was entertaining reading your posts. Rod: Go England! Bloody yanks, . Just because I live over in the states doesn't mean I'm not still English! Yar! And a pirate!

Kaluah - Thanks for showing me Orpheus. Just got home from a session this evening - t'was grand. I have a feeling I'll still be chatting you on AIM, so I'll leave it at that.

Leechess and Cad - Good work on the boards. You've built a great community. It was fun interacting with the people here.

The rest of you, have fun.


EDIT // Ah, the reason why. Quite important. I've no time really. I may still pop in and out, but calling me an active member of the boards would be incorrect. College, job, girlfriend, crazy real life adventures... leave no time for this place.

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Unread 21st of March, 2005, 15:34
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Arr, we'll be missin' ye and yer cynicism, Stealth. Why must ye be goin' so soon?
It is an easy thing, to die for something. Be it an ideal, a person, or even a place. No, the true question, the true test for a man of integrity, is this: What would you kill for?"
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Unread 21st of March, 2005, 17:34
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Pfft, Cad has left us too anyway
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Unread 21st of March, 2005, 17:44
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Yay, I'm crazy!
@}-`-- Coffee + Hate = itches
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Unread 21st of March, 2005, 22:36
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I refuse to be one of the pack...I want praise!!!
"It's not that I'm lazy. I just don't care. It's a problem of motivation."
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Unread 22nd of March, 2005, 05:31
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No wonder your game stopped... thanks for telling your players! =p You better put up a post in the OCC thread. Sorry to see you go though, man. Cya around...
Give a man a fire and he'll be warm for a while; set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
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Unread 23rd of March, 2005, 14:04
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Awwww, check you later then sb... hope to see you around on occaision.
"... it is up to each individual to decide whether they like something and then to argue with people on the internet about it." -BigRedRod

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Unread 23rd of March, 2005, 14:29
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Come back when you want to.
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Unread 23rd of March, 2005, 14:35
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See ya in the drama room, dude... good luck with the crazy schedule...
"There aren't enough sandwich baggies in the world to pick up his pieces once I get through with him!" -Alex King, The Wotch: Cheer
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Unread 26th of March, 2005, 14:17
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NOOOO you can't go I will commit ritual suicide if you do. You are just too cool to lose. I bow down to your authority as the leader of the free world.


Muhahahah... -SB
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