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Unread 18th of November, 2003, 13:23
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Nar Shaddaa

If Mos Eisley is armpit of the Galaxy, then Nar Shaddaa is the anatomically lowest part of it.

Nar Shaddaa isn't actually a planet, but a moon above the Hutt's homeworld of Nal Hutta. That served the Hutt's just fine as it turned out, since they turned the moon into a smuggling center. As it grew and grew, layers upon layers of docking pads, landing bays, cargo warehouses, and trading plazas, it came to resemble a "Little Coruscant". If Coruscant had all of it's filth brought to the top and spread out EVERYWHERE from there that is.

If there is an item to be found, Nar Shaddaa has it. If there is a job to be had, Nar Shaddaa has it. If there is a place where no one wants to be killed at all, and hundreds do daily, then Nar Shaddaa is it. This moon is home to the most villainous, evil, and dirtiest scum the Galaxy can produce.

Not all is black on the moon however. It does deal in a brisk trade of legitimate goods, even if the amount of illicit ones over shadow that fact, and many freighter captains come here to stock up on supplies and get a new run, though they don't travel very far from their freighters if they do.

Possibly the most famous place is Shug Ninx's garage. This is a small hangar bay, generally only housing a few small freighters at a time. But the owner, a near-human named Shug Ninx, runs his garage lean and efficiently. If you want repairs done with no questions asked, or you just want to get that new spiffy hyperdrive installed, or you have a turbolaser that you need mounted on a Y-wing, Shug Ninx will get it done. Its not cheap, but the service is excellent, the quality is superb, and the job is done quickly. Best of all, no questions are asked, and no nosy persons are allowed onto ships being repaired/modified. Secrecy is a premium on Nar Shaddaa, and Shug Ninx is one to let you keep yours.

Though it gets the occasional Victory-class Star Destroyer on patrol, for the most part the Smuggler's Moon is left alone even by the Empire. After all, they too need business conducted under the table, and Nar Shaddaa is the place to get it.
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