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Unread 20th of October, 2009, 04:19
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Tanon Asleen

In progress--

Name: Tanon Asleen                          Age: 28
Race: Human                                 Gender: Male
Class: Archer 7                             Height: 6'0"
Level: 7                                    Weight: 180
Size: M                                     Hair: Black
                                            Eyes: Blue


STR: 13                             Fort: +9 (2+7)
DEX: 20                             Ref: +12 (5+7)
CON: 14                             Will: +7 (0+7)
INT: 12                             Initiative: +9
WIS: 10                             HP: 38
CHA: 16                             BAB: +5
                                    RAB: +8/+3
                                    BDB: +6
AC: 21                              DR: 1d3/magic
Active: 6+5       Passive: 0        Speed: 30



Aim Pool


Composite Longbow [+16/+11 Ranged  1d8+11       x3] (>30ft +15/+10, 1d8+5)
     Rapid Shot   [+14/+14/+9 1d8+11 --- >30ft +13/+13/+8 1d8+5]
Dagger            [+13/+8 Ranged  1d4+6  19-20/x2]
Dagger            [+6  Melee   1d4       19-20/x2]

Weapon Bond (longbow)


Agility - 10 ranks       = +15
Athletics - 6 ranks      = +7
Bluff - 2 ranks          = +7
Concentration - 4 ranks  = +6
Diplomacy - 6 ranks      = +9
Hide - 10 ranks          = +15
Move Silently - 10 ranks = +15
Perception - 10 ranks    = +10

Total = 58 skill points


Point Blank Shot 1 and 3 (+1 to attack and 
damage within 30 ft; add Dex mod to damage)

Precise Shot 2 (no penalty when shooting into melee)

Rapid Shot 2 (extra attack but all attacks at -2)

Weapon Focus 1, 4 (+2 to attacks with longbows)

Leadership - Score 10 = Cohort of Level 5, five level 1 followers

Projectile: 5
Defense: 4
Finesse: 3
Others: 2


Accurate Shot - Reduce Cover Defense bonus by 2 for every token
Armor-Piercing Shot - Reduce DR by 1 for every token (can't drop DR below 0)
Deadly Shot - Spend 2 tokens to gain half Dex to damage
Storm of Arrows - Fire 4 arrows for every 2 tokens. (description page 32)



Composite Longbow 3 lbs.
Dagger 1 lb.
40 arrows 6 lbs.
Studded Leather 20 lbs.
Bedroll 5 lbs.
Winter Blanket 3 lbs.
Backpack 2 lbs.
50 feet Silk Rope 5 lbs.
Waterskin 4 lbs.
Explorer's Outfit

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Unread 24th of April, 2010, 11:35
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Tanon Asleen was not a native Tyreni, but he certainly felt like one. When the Storm Knights had opened their books after his 23rd birthday, he had been ecstatic. He enlisted immediately and made it through the Culling, just barely.

Tanon saw service in the Storm Knights through many campaigns, and rose through the ranks from Private to Sergeant. It was while Tanon saw action as a Sergeant that he literally bumped into Princess Daphne in the halls of the Maenra Keep. That led to a secret courtship for awhile, but shifted into public view shortly thereafter.

When his name had been put forward to the High Captains, his unremarkable service, neither particularly excellent nor particularly dismal, was met with a tie vote. As the rules required, it was Knight-Commander Rouiken, the Queen's cousin, that broke the tie and voted to allow Tanon into the officer ranks. There was some grumbling about favoritism because Daphne and Tanon's budding relationship, but Tanon had demonstrated himself as a more than capable archer, and had some of the slickness required of a social climber.

Tanon's friend and fellow Captain, Avari, served alongside Tanon before being promoted not long before him.

During one particularly vicious campaign, not long after Tanon had finished Culling his platoon, he was sent to exterminate an infestation of brigands from Hybrian, a region of Tyreni-pledged homesteads nearby the Mierdos-contested borderlands.

Soon after arriving in the region, Tanon's platoon was approached by a mysterious woodsman named Cid, an ornery old bastard with an affinity for wolves. The naturist seemed just as determined to root out the bandits as the Storm Knights, if not more so, probably because they were a corrupting influence on the surrounding woodlands. Tanon recruited Cid for this mission as an "auxiliary specialist," and then led his Storm Knights into the dark wood where the brigands were supposedly hiding out.

As it turned out, the brigands turned out to be thralls of a dangerous vampire lord. The skirmish in the woods cost Tanon 15 men, including his field second, but in the end the Storm Knights and Cid were victorious, and the vampire lord was staked through the heart and decapitated, his head buried beneath a nondescript crossroads. Tanon tried to enlist Cid to join the Storm Knights in further causes, but the old man seemed set in his ways, and the two parted company on even terms.

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