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Unread 21st of April, 2008, 04:10
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Combat Thread

Combat Thread
In Combat
Turn: 1
Segment: 1,2,3,4,[5],6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Initiative:......Map Symbol....Status/Conditions
Ingram.....I.......+10 to SPD...+4DCV (shield) +7rPD&rED (forcefield) Impaired Leg 1/2 run, -2 DCV
Cyrill.......C ....Lightbringer +20 Presence
Manticore.....M ..... Grounded - Con Stunned

In Phase

*Ingram Spd 5 Dex 18 Phases: 3,5,8,10,12

Out of Phase

Cyrill Spd 3 Dex 15 Phases: 4,8,12
Manticore Spd 4 Dex 18 Phases: 3,6,9,12

* = Current Player's turn
x = No action this segment
# - out of normal sequence

Damage reports:
Green 100%-75%, Yellow 74%-50%, Orange 49%-25%, Red 24%-0%
Blue -1%- -25%, Purple -26% - -50%, Gray -51% - -75% Black -76% - -100%

Name __Code__________________Numerics
Ingram END STN BOD..................End:24 Stn:22 Bod:7
Cyrill END STN BOD.......................End:32 Stn:40 Bod:20

Manticore END STN BOD

END = Endurance
STN = Stun
BOD = Body

Declared Actions (*=locked action):

Turn 2 Segment 4
Cyril: Activate Lightbringer & Light of Hope (linked power) : Presence attack (rally) 8d6 = 33 Running
...Running throw with bench : OCV 6 +1 (Skill Level) -1 (range mod) -2 (odd balance) +2 Surprise maneuver +11 (base) = 17< Roll : 6 Hit!
...Hit location : torso Damage: 8d6 + 1d6 (hard edge) = 9d6 Roll: 39 stun 11 body Knockback: 18m
...Knockback damage: 9d6 Roll: 31stun 10 Body

Turn 2 Segment 3
Manticore : Orientation - Dex roll: 10
Manticore: half move and attack. OCV: 6 -4 (range penalty) +11 base = 13< vs. DCV 7 (hex DCV 3 + Shield DCV 4) Roll: 3 Critical hit! Damage: 3d6 RKA AP Body: 18 Stun 36 Hit location: Right Leg - Impaired - running halved, -2 DCV
....Ingram's defenses: 7rPD + 5rPD (wall) =12rPD /2 (AP) = 6rPD Non resistant: 7 PD + 7rPD (force field) + 5rPD (Wall)= 17/2 = 9PD
....18 damage - 6rPD = 12 points of body x .5 (hit location mod) = 6 body
....36 stun Damage - 9PD = 27 Points of stun x .5 (hit location mod) = 13 stun
Ingram : Half move - pop up attack. OCV: 5 +2 (skill levels) -4 (range penalty) -2 (Popup attack) +11 (base) = 12< Roll: 6 Hit! 2d6+1 Killing AP = Roll 8 body 24 Stun 3m knockback

Segment 12
Manticore : Presence attack 6d6: Roll: 20
Ingram - ambush phase - activate Synaptic Overload : 9 End +15 Spd
Ingram - activate Forcefield (0 phase action 2 END) activate Shield (0 phase action 2 END) Half move & Fire. OCV: 5 +2 (skill levels) -4 range penalty = 3 + base to hit of 11 = 14< Roll: 10 : Hit! 2d6+1 KA armor piercing: Roll: 11 Body, 33 stun
Manticore - Half move (flight 20") - AoE attack Creature OCV: 6 + -4 Range Penalty +11 = 13 base - 3 (Hex DCV) = 10< Roll : 11 Miss
Cyrill - Full noncombat move + grab bench (casual strength Dex Roll: 5 Success)

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Unread 23rd of February, 2011, 11:06
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Map Thread

Attached Images
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Unread 7th of March, 2011, 07:24
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With a practiced mind Ingram pushes the pain aside knowing the real hurt descends after if there is an after. Just as readily he quenches the distraction of Cyrill transforming into the magnficient likeness of a hero out of an illustrated mythologies. Dispassionately noting his crippled leg and the lack impenetrable safety he determines his best chance to be immediate takedown. His black eyes focused on the eyeless beast, the energy shield flickers and vanishes under silent command as his right open hand blossoms a tiny star twin to the left and two scintillating pulses of blue-white energy race toward the stunned creature's center of mass.

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Unread 7th of March, 2011, 10:10
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Cyrill Bishop

Activate Lightbringer
Activate light of hope

Sensing more than seeing Cyrill feels Ingram fall. Faced now with a choice, Cyrill fights with the option of continuing to the girl and taking her to safety, or working to defend the unknown man who had covered his approach to the girl thus far. Perhaps inspired by his bravery, a man begins to step forward toward the girl.

The man, watching the scene unfold sees Cyrill begin to glow. The light slow to permeate Cryills eyes, nose and mouth begins to leak out his pores, causing the man to stumble step and slow.

"Get moving man, get the girl!" Cyrill shouts, "I'll take the beast." Turning, Cyrill hopes and preys to what gods might be listening to get that man to the girl, and the girl to safety. Setting those emotions aside, Cryill puts his mind toward action and the beast turning towards an injured Ingram. Taking (as many steps toward the beast as able) Cyrill, with the only weapon at his disposal throws the stone bench at the hovering beast, shouting, "Hey! red hot an spikey! you've been benched!"

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