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Unread 13th of November, 2010, 01:51
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An Inelegant Segue (IC)

The Story So Far

Ewan's team tracks down a ruthless group of pirates associated with the Wo Triad after a freighter carrying valuable Contagion immunizations is attacked.

Their first lead is a German arms dealer named Hans Greff, who sold the faulty explosives meant to destroy the freighter to the Wo Pao thugs. They capture Hans in a bloody early morning firefight in the streets of Hong Kong, and then proceed to a Triad ambush in a parking garage that was meant to take out Greff, who is (correctly) considered a dangerous loose end.

During the parking garage fight, the head assassin (Xi Mao) is captured.

Back at HQ, Tian and Ewan prepare to interrogate Greff and Mao...
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