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Unread 8th of August, 2010, 13:07
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Differences between Pathfinder and 3.5

For your guys' convenience:
  1. Skills. The differences I know of, are that Move Silently and Hide were rolled into Stealth, and Spot and Listen were rolled into Perception. And Fly was added. (For dabocim and Ergo, I think SAGA uses the skills this way too, from what I've seen).
  2. Skill ranks. I understand that 3.5 had 4x as many ranks at first level, no class bonus, and double cost for cross-class skills. Pathfinder simplified this by a lot: You get the same amount of ranks each level, you get a +3 bonus to trained class skills, and cross-class skills cost exactly the same as class skills. I've heard this keeps the power level about the same, but vastly simplifies the system. I once tried to build a 3.5 character for this site (Francis' Temple Raiders game) for a level 5 ranger - oy. That hurt. Making a level 6 doctor/pirate in pathfinder was a breeze compared to that.
  3. Combat Maneuvers. Many of the non-attack actions targeted at an enemy in 3.5 were rolled into one system. There are two values, the Combat Manouver Bonus (CMB), and the Combat Manouver Defense (CMD), which work much like Attack Bonuses and ACs: You make an attack roll on a d20, add your CMB, and compare it with the target's CMD to see if it succeeded. Here are the rules at the SRD.
  4. Classes. The classes are pretty much the same, except with a whole lot of cool Class Features added in (including a capstone ability at level 20 for each class, to provide an incentive for going all the way in one class). I'd suggest taking a look at your class over at the SRD. Seriously, from what little I've read about the 3.5 classes in the PHB, they seem positively boring compared to the Pathfinder classes.
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