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Unread 25th of April, 2010, 02:06
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CHARACTER SHEETS (do not reply to this)

Each player will start his own thread in the "houserules and characters" subforum.

You can use a pdf- or word-format hosted elsewhere,
and include it as a link here, with [url=..
There are many webpages which create character sheets for D&D players.

Or you can post it in plain text in your thread.
Please split all the bonuses, so that I can see how you got a hide skill of 14, e.g.: hide 14 7 r. 3 dex 4 race

I will post my comments as an answer to your threat. you can then use edit to change your cs if necessary. Do not post a new reply, that will get too bothersome. If you earn experience or new levels, you can edit too.

Include a short background story explaining your affiliation to the thieves' guild in Marash Pul.
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