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Players: post a description of your character here. Provide an in-character description only. You should provide a good physical description. In addition, you can reveal as much about the character's personality or history as you choose. Don't reveal any stats, class, alignment etc.

Post an image of your character. You can either select a picture of one of the official D&D miniatures from the miniatures gallery on the WotC website or some other image you find or create, as long as it is approximately the same size and perspective. I'll be glad to host your image from if you email it to me. I will use these images to represent your characters on the battle maps.

EDIT: Here is another site that I found with miniature images:

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Flarrgj is a huge man, standing at a huge 7'1", weighing in at 300lb. He is well padded but under the thin layer of natural warmth fat is lean muscle. His skin is a ruddy light brown of a normally pale person who has spent allot of time in the sun, and his light blue eye’s and wavy, light blond hair attest to his natural complexion. His hair is long, usually tied back, and matches his thick, curly, neck length, beard. His face is sharp and weathered, with a chiseled nose and piercing eye’s. He now wears clothing of the kingdom, a blut tunic over his mithril chaing shirt, looser trousers in the style of the country tucked into his boot/sandals, a massive Katana at his back.

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Fugen Schweigen

At 5' 8", 140 lbs, Fugen is not an imposing presence. Like most runners, his build above the waist is slight but trim, with little fat. Below the waist his legs are muscular, though not overly so, and well developed for long distance running. He normally wears the traditional garb of the Imperial Trusted Couriers, a jerkin which is neither loose nor confining, trousers that are much the same, and sturdy pair of well worn traveling shoes. His head is shaved in a style most Imperial Trusted Couriers prefer as easier to manage on the road (i.e. it’s shaved clean when he’s not actively traveling, but he does not waste time keeping it so when on the road with a message). His skin is deep tan with just the hint of red, typical of someone who spends much of their time out of doors, and his eyes are almost as black as his pupils (you have to get close to notice where the pupil stops and the iris begins). Fugen also carries with him a set of cold weather gear when it is warranted and a set of plain traveler’s clothes for when discretion is needed to get the message through.

Fugen is 24 years of age.


Mini representation that's as close as I can get:

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Gizerak the Favored

Before you stands an average height halfling. He's got a slight pudge in his stomach, but he's light on his feet. Hazel eyes framed by brown hair match the color of his clothing and a pair of bushy sideburns cover the side of his face. More often than not, he has his boots off and his bare toes can be seen wiggling in the dirt. His skin is a deep bronze tan. From the looks of it, he spends quite a bit of time outside.

His gear is typical of an adventurer. A studded leather jerkin covers his clothing and he carries both weapons and a shield. The shield is marked with several symbols, a mountain and a flame on top of droplet of water and a cloud.

When he sees you, he smiles, bows, and quietly speaks a greeting "Sha-gaat is good"

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Termix the Mage stands six feet tall, with slightly singed black hair, and a tanned complexion. The most significant part of his physical appearance, however, is his deep red eyes. These, along with his penchant for fire spells, have led many to suspect that he has ancestors originally from the elemental plane of fire. He does not wear clothes that draw attention to himself, preferring simple yet practical attire while attempting to limit his clothing's vulnerability to fire. He has recently begun to grow a short beard and moustache, which he keeps neatly trimmed.

Although he is not the greatest people-person, Termix usually attempts to avoid conflict by talking a situation through if possible, using logical arguments to support his point. He does have a level of empathy towards close companions and friends, though recent events have taught him that this can also be dangerous... it seems that everyone he has become attached to has a tendency to die.

Termix is from a simple village family that lived near a dormant volcano in the mountains. There was a wizards' school nearby. His father sent him to the school knowing that Termix was bright and would learn a lot so he could then go to the city and get some work there with his grandfather, a wizard himself. His mother was a simple woman and they lived a happy life.

Termix was studying the planes in his master's school on the lower slope of Yi Mountain, a dormant volcano. The whole purpose was to come into contact with the schools deity Fire Lord of force, to whom the school was devoted. Termix specialized in the force effects and fire manipulation in the evocation school.

One day his master Mikon was summoning fire elementals through a gate that was supposed to reach the core of the world where Fire lord of force was residing. Termix was observing the whole process while still studying. Mikon took one of the ancient scrolls that he used every day to talk to elementals and started to translate the words of power inscribed upon it. Something strange started to happen with the gate. Elementals grew restless and began to swirl and twist around the gate. Mikon was looking at the scroll with strange recognition. Suddenly he stood up and tried to throw the scroll into the gate but he couldn't. The scroll was glowing with orange light and Mikon"s hand was starting to glow also.

By that time fire elementals were trying to go back through the gate, but Mikon still did not dismiss them. Frenzied with their need to return, they started to burn the room down. Termix watched horrified as his master was slowly became engulfed with the orange glow from the scroll. Mikon yelled to Termix: "Run! Warn the others this scroll is...." At that moment he burst into flames. His personal spells of fire resistance dissipated at the huge amount of heat created by the scroll. Termix in confusion threw a magic missle at the nearest fire elemental and ran. An elemental followed him burning all in its path. The school was burning long into the night. Half of the students were dead and the other half missing.

Questions swirl in his mind. He is determined to solve the mystery and maybe find a cleric that can perform a True resurrection and bring his master back to life. Somehow Termix is certain that this may be connected to all the recent attacks by undead spirits that befell the land of Jiangu. He wants to become strong and experienced enough to contact the Fire lord of force himself and seek the answers. Termix runs through the night back to his village. What should he do now? It is now early morning. He remembers his grandfather, the wizard Golock. Perhaps he would know what to do. Golock lives in a tower outside of Ichiba, the capital of the province. Ichiba is located 20 miles to the south/southeast on the banks of the Bronze River where it is joined by the Swift River.

Mini Pic:

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Linus is short and thin. Nothing too outlandish in his demeanor or clothing. He does seem to have the face more of a youngish child than a young adult halfling. He is in regular traveling clothes, with a leather jerkin, a rapier on his hip, a sap on his belt, and a sling looped around his waist. His intensely curious eyes glance around constantly, taking in everything there is to see. He seems to revel in the day to day experiences, chalking them up on some mental scoreboard.

His muscles are definitely what you would call developed. It's obvious that he isn't the strongest person in the world, although he does appear to be fairly limber. He prides himself in his ability to move around unseen and unheard (or so he thinks).

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Nimdor gives the appearence of one who knows what he is doing. He is almost always confident and sure of himself. He is just over 3 feet tall, has black hair, and his skin is a lightly tanned white. While his body is slightly weak in appearance, he has an angular handsomeness to him, and he appeares to be quite lithe.
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Lithe and slight (only 5' tall), Kierna is rarely considered to be much of a threat, and opponents wonder that she can even pull the longbow that is well longer than she is tall. She wears a deep forest green shirt and breeches, and is very tan (for an Elf), with dark copper hair and brown eyes.

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Sato Takeshi was born to the Sato Clan, longtime caretakers of the imperial gardens in Dian Province, in the 295th year of the Horse. He was brought up to honor the immense variety of life. In the 297th year of the Dragon, he began his formal apprenticeship under his father's tutelidge, his first step toward, he hoped, one day becoming the Emperor's Head Garden Master. He loved passing the hours of the day tending to the plants and animals who called the imperial gardens home, painstakingly nurturing them and gently managing the chaos of nature to create harmony and beauty. The gardens were renouned even outisde Jiangu for their beauty and serenity, and had been the inspiration for many great poems and other works of art.

Takeshi's world came crashing down when the province, and "his" gardens, were overrun by the undead. His primary desire is to have an Emperor once again guiding the Empire, weeding out chaos and fostering harmony among its people, and to return once more to the gardens, that he may restore them to their former state of harmony and beauty.

He stands 3 feet 5 inches tall, packing a mere 45 lb onto his small frame. His skin is deeply tanned from hours spent outside, and his right thumb is slightly stained green, for though he can no longer work in the imperial gardens, he does not allow a day to pass without tending to some plant or another. He has deeply furrowed crow's feet alongside eyes so brown they are nearly black, from near constant squinting against the harsh sun to examine small plants. His dark hair is pulled back into a topknot, and he keeps his twin goatees free from debris, though they are rarely combed.

Takeshi befriended Daisuke when she was very young. She was the runt of her litter, and had been abandoned by her mother. She has thrived under his care, and has since far since surpassed any of her brothers or sisters in size. She has piercing blue eyes, and is rarely not at Takeshi's side. She is just over 5 feet long, and weighs in at a bit over 400 lb. She has a weakness for candied ginger.

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