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Unread 15th of April, 2012, 22:39
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The Russian

Stanislav Baronova
aka Handsome Stan
aka The Russian
aka RTB

Former doctor in Russia, license not renewed in America. Did some drone work for a bit, but now gets paid as an escort.

Doctor 1, Engineer 1, Escort 1

Coax *** Detect ** Fight * Hack ** Move ** Operate *** Prowl * Shoot * Treat ***
+Attentive ••
+Technical ••
+Savvy ••

Buzzer Drone - cam, linked, mic, rotorfan, thermal-imaging, stolen
Buzzer Drone - cam, linked, mic, rotorfan, gun, stolen
Spyder Drone - adhesive legs, cam, linked, mic, small, syringe, stolen

Pi Larson: splice :: respectful
Michelangelo Dumas: date, shark
Trisko Valdez: chop, fix (drones), ride :: loyal
Jimmy Eff:

Detailed Background:
To come

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