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Linnea Sandstedt

Former "problem solver" for a corp. Managed to work out an "amicable" retirement, spent all her savings on new legs. Note: this is a euphemism, she already had the legs.
Natural sandy blonde, nordic. Fairly tall. Missing her left eye, used to have an implant, now just has a wide black eyepatch. Wears a jumpsuit, which covers up her legs. Messenger bag slung over one shoulder. Shotgun at her hip, easy to draw. Not particularly threatening--the eyepatch suggests that she's too poor to get it replaced, and the jumpsuit makes her look like some sort of technician. Plenty of technicians carry shotguns.
Mildly snarky, though usually non-confrontational, and avoids escalation with people who are actually aggressive. Remains quiet during a mission or run. Makes a point of being unlinked and unhackable, though also disconnected from the Interface. Never looks at the package, always gets it where it needs to go, fast. Calmly and efficiently eliminates obstacles. Has killed way too many people to care anymore, though to her credit has never particularly enjoyed it. Used to be a much better shot. Gets snappy when her eye is mentioned.

Courier 2, Soldier

Coax *
Detect *
Fight ****
Hack *
Move ****
Operate *
Prowl ***
Shoot **
Treat *

+Fast **
+Agile **
+Ruthless **

-One Eye **

Cyberlegs (tags: nerve-linked; upgrades: matched pair, spring-loaded, strong, tough; cost 1+4) (everything below the waist, as well as part of the lower and mid spine, has been replaced; legs, hips etc are chromed and obvious, though shaped exactly like her old legs; looks fine with normal clothing)
Duster (tags: loud, scattershot; upgrades: incendiary rounds; cost 2+1) (not particularly modified; the ammo is the most expensive part)
Reinforced Jumpsuit (tags: impact armor; upgrades: ballistic armor; cost 1+1) (unflattering, comfy, good for hard falls onto pavement)

Kreds: 0

Michelangelo Dumas (date, shark) - dependent (Dumas has been letting her crash at his place for nearly a year now, only asking for some pretty easy jobs in return; he's still an utter asshole)
Pi Larson (splice) - affectionate (Larson was the one who cut out her cybereye so she could return it to the corp; Linn has conflicting feelings on this)
Syd Martini (deal, fix (guns, weapons), ride) - (Martini is Linn's main source of jobs)
Brutus (they worked at the same company; it's possible she remembers him)
Jimmy Eff
Handsome Stan

Favors Used:
Splice (Larson)

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