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Unread 5th of April, 2012, 01:00
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Post Pantheons, Deities, & Demigods

Pantheons, Deities, & Demigods

Hagen Pantheon
Hygeia - a young deity, having ascended approximately two centuries past, his portfolio is healing, knowledge and travel
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Unread 14th of July, 2012, 06:13
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Khalmasrian Pantheon

The Khalmasri worship many gods, but chief among them is Pelor, Sultan of the Everlasting Sun, Lord of Efriits and Fire, Tyrant of the Burning Sands. Pelor is often called the Three Faced God, as he appears to his worshippers in one of three guises.

In his war aspect - the Tyrant of the Burning Sands, Pelor has the terrifying visage of a red skinned, horned and fanged Efriit with one hundred arms all brandishing weapons, or holding spells. Fighter revere this aspect, calling him the Master of a Thousand Weapons. Those who show skill and faith are rewarded with the divine strength of the Tyrant in battle. These warriors are accorded great status within caste system.

In his role as Lifegiver, he often appears as a fat, yellow skinned man in loose robes of saffron, carrying an enormous jug on his shoulder said to hold all of the rains in heaven and around his neck he wears a thick cord of made of sheafs of wheat.

In his role as Sultan of the everlasting Sun he appears as an opulently dressed man with blue skin. In his right hand he carries Ma'hurassi Axe of Justice, in his left he carries the holy stone Eshrial that paralyzes those that speak lies before it.
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