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Exclamation How to join (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)

You must apply before you can play here.

You can post your interest, questions, or comments in the Visitor's Thread. Please don't just start posting in the IC, OOC or any other game thread.

First, here is some information about the game itself to help you decide whether or not it is something you would be interested in. Free form roleplaying is similar to a regular Play by Post RPG. However, unlike a standard PbP game, this game does not have a Game Master. The story is told by the players collectively. To keep things from devolving into chaos, we try and work together to create a story rather than each trying to create a separate story. Each player is, in effect, both a player and a game master.

Maturity and cooperation are required to make this work. If you can't be mature or cooperate, you'll eventually end up getting booted from the game.

We generally go by the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e rules, it helps to be at least vaguly familar with it. If it isn't allowed there, then it normally isn't allowed here either. We try and stick to the rules but sometimes we'll gloss over, ignore, or otherwise modify things for the good of the story. Also, the game here tends to be rare magic and somewhat gritty (with a lot of angst thrown in for good measure), so keep that in mind when posting or applying. The best way to get a feel for it is to read some of the IC threads; note that the style has evolved over time, so the more recent chapters are a better indication of what things are like right now. If you want an overview, you can read the convenient game summary to get an idea of what has happened in the past.

If you feel like that's something you are interested in, read the Character Creation Rules and then post your character concept in the Visitor's Thread along with a character background. If we think the game is ready for another player and that your character is a good fit, we'll ask you to post the stats in the Character thread and you may post freely in the game threads.

One last thing: we are much friendlier than this stuffy rules post makes us sound - if you've read any of the OOC then you probably already know that .



It is also in your best interest to have seen the following movies:
They have no actual bearing on game play, but the OOC will occasionally make more sense to you. But only occasionally.