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( Robert )
You creep around the corner not sure what to expect, but ready for anything, it feels much like the moments before a fight where the adrenalin is rushing as you prep yourself for combat. Now in view you seen what looks like a man kneeling down over what looks like the very charred remains of a person. The man kneeling down has a sword at his side, it looks to be a long sword. In his left had is a bible. And with his right hand he seems to be sprinkling water over the remains. All the while he is speaking in German. Now that you have had a good chance to look at him. It is the same man who was helping the sickly monk before you entered the auction hall. Again looking about to ensure your privacy you spot no one, the weather has begun to pick up however, scattered rain drops pushed by the wind start to collect on everything. Listening to the monk speak your sure he is praying. But his actions do not suggest he is being rushed or that he is nervous or ill prepared for this kind of thing. All of his gestures, even the tone of his voice is clam and smooth and relaxed. As the ritual continues the remains of the body become more and more decomposed. So much so that after a few minutes it no longer resembles a body at all. But more like the remains of a large camp fire.

( Halleck )
Fay and Mr. Kett talk for several minutes more. Nothing that really keeps your interest. Then the auctioneer calls for item number 15. At that point Mr. Kett’s phone begins to ring again. He kindly asks Fay to leave so he could speak in private. She complies, but the look on her face says that she hasn’t gotten what she wanted yet. Now that he thinks he is along. He answers his phone. “yes?? What? What do you mean? how did the Germans find out? Their here!! Damn it! Impatient bastards. One day that’s all if F**King asked them for.. One day.. Tell them to wait. And look. Don’t let them anywhere need the fake. The only way into that store room is that door. Just keep them outside till this is over with."

"if it looks dangerous try having one of your friends go first"
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