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( Halleck )
You spend a few seconds adjusting yourself as best you can in the cramped vent duct without making too much noise in doing so. Now positioned in what you would consider the most comfortable position you’re going to get you turn your focus to those below you. You do have a bit of a problem hearing them (but using one blood point) you can hear them clearly. Mr Kett speaks on the phone “you guys are in position right?... Good.. now get to work and don’t fu** this up.” Then he turns to the girl now standing alone a few feet away at the bar. And with a quick motion he returns the phone to his pocket as he looks at her as if she was also trying to eavesdrop upon his conversation over the phone. but she notices him staring at her and says “why hello here, my name is Fay, and I must say I know just about everyone here but I don’t think I’ve met you before.” She says with a smile. Even you notice her beauty is kind of distracting. And it seems to be working on Mr. Kett as well, But all the same you sit motionless for a moment listening to them small talk. It becomes very clear to you she too heard his remarks on the phone, and perhaps more since she was near him first and based on the line of questions she asks. Your sure something is amiss, and that Mr. Kett has something planned or rather in motion here at the auction. Your thoughts are suddenly broken by the sound of the auctioneer on the microphone announce item number 13.

( Robert )
You make for the main entrance after leaving Vincent’s side. On your way out you spot two of the men waiting just outside the auction room. But well within hearing distance of everything that’s going on inside. As you enter the main lobby your gaze reaches the bar mostly to check if the other two men were still in there dealing with their sick partner. But they are not there. A thought of concern crosses your mind. Good or bad. You would feel better knowing where they were. Moments later you are outside, the weather seems to be turning for the worse as a lot of clouds have begun to move into the area since the last time you noticed and the air has the feeling of rain about it. But that does not slow your momentum for the car, and your equipment. Once there you ready yourself and your gear. But a bright Reddish flash catches your eye a few isles over. You cannot see directly what made the flash, but it was like someone had lit a pool of gasoline on fire then suddenly put it out. But no sound was made, nor is there any smoke, your sure it came from the general area of a gray two isles over minivan and about nine cars back, seconds later the smell of burnt flesh and hair upon the wind catches your nose, and as your eyes focus on the poorly lit minivan your sure you can make out one body moving about the exterior of the vehicle, the shape is that of a man, in a suit jacket, but his face is hard to make out at this distance, you take a few seconds to look about, and even in the mostly dimly lighted parking lot you can tell you and this mystery person are the only ones about, and as far as you can tell he has not noticed you. He seems very distracted with something that’s on the other side of the minivan.

"if it looks dangerous try having one of your friends go first"
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