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Originally Posted by Sheepmen # ( Robert )
you enter the auction hall, to the best of your knowledge you were not noticed or followed.

as you enter the auction hall you notice the bidding number 11 is up right now, and that Mr Kett is talking on his phone and there is a woman standing next to him as well (fay). as you scan the room you notice several people seem nervous or anxious. the most so being a man sitting at a table next to Vincent, he seems to be closely guarding a briefcase.
Robert does not at first give reaction to the various observations he makes as he enters the auction room. Instead he quietly slips through the crowd to Vincent's position, seating himself without fanfare. Sitting and surveying the room a bit more for a moment he then leans in to speak to Vincent in a soft tone. "Our friends from the Community Center are here as well. Make as large a bid as necessary to acquire the item, and I will cover it. However, as I think our mutual friends are likely to attempt a more... aggressive acquisition on whomever purchases the item, I think it wise if I go and prepare for that now, rather than hang about." And with that, unless stopped by a reply from Vincent or some other event, he rises and begins to make his way back out of the auction and to his vehicle... to 'suit up'.

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