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I like the result, but I feel my love for it could grow with some minor tweaks applied. I feel you would feel more pride and satisfaction in improving upon your idea - all is keeping with the spirit of the classes fundamentals. You put up a valid argument, but there are factors such as mechanical balance and placement in the world.
I'll try, then. Remember, the character I have unfinished business with is Scarlet Knight Sonomi, and no one else; I'm happy that my work on her helped to shape the setting, but I never truly had the pleasure of playing her. As excited I am to finally get that chance, I'm worried that I might lose it anyways by changing too much.

I'll need to consider what defines the character, not just in mechanics, but also in background: there are a few points that definitely need to remain the same. If it turns out that the setting can no longer support these defining points, I'll just try to build something new.
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