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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius had just finished his small meal and pint of ale when the steel-eyed man burst from his stool and out the door. The oddly dressed man in purple pants shortly followed him. This draws a frown from the somber man. The idea that "they" were in trouble didn't sit well with him either.

As the bartender declares that the others should aid the staff carrying man Cadrius looks down at the pommel of his sword, resting in a chair next to him. He seems to stare at the well worn symbol of a fist clenching a lightning bolt.

He shakes his head and whispers quietly, "No, I will not do it, not again."

He grows quiet for a second as he continues to lock his gaze on the sword. At last some sort of conclusion seemed to have been reached for he closes his eyes and whispers, "Damn you."

He leaps to his feat, the chair squeeling as it is thrown back behind him. He grabs his shield and begins buckling his sword to his belt as he makes his way out the door only to see the man in purple pants hauling a mule along down the street.

He shrugs and makes a fast pace after the others toward the gate.

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