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Unread 25th of June, 2004, 09:13
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Originally Posted by Lando The Archmagi OOC: Please email these rolls, you need not post them unless you really want too. You need Precise Shot Feat to shoot into melee without penalty (-4 to hit, chance of hitting your allies). There are 4 melee actions prior to your shot, so if anyone is still standing, I'll let you resolve these rolls. Might want to wait next time.
I think I did email them, didn't I? Hopefully I got your address correct. Anyway, as you suggested, perhaps I won't post them in the future (though with such good rolls, it's so tempting!)....

I haven't played much combat in a PbP game, so I'm not sure, but it seems like rolling initiative and contingent rolls might speed things up (fewer turnarounds). Then if the situation changes before someone's turn, that player can change the action.
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