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The Orc that stands down by the far end of the sanctum, by the other entry point. Draws back his Javelin and throws it at the sorcererwith considerable strength, grunting while doing so. But the tough exterior hides a frightened warrior, the lightning bird which attacked filled its heart with apprehension.

The javelin though bounces of the powerful magic field which protects Cadogan. The Orc joins the other two by the back of the cavern in preperation of a melee assault.

Orc 5 attacks Cadogan; 16+1=17 Ranged vs cadogan's AC of 22

Laronar draws another arrow, aim affixed upon the lone standing Orc, injured near Cadogan. It's gaze turns from hate to fear as Laronar lets fly and arrow which strikes true, striking it in the chest, it to falls to the ground.

Laronar atacks Orc 2; 5+10=1 Ranged vs Orc 2 AC of 15

Two of the Orc's from the back of the cavern charge forth, 20ft away from Cadogan, Axes raised high they are only moments from attempting to strike down the sorcerer.

The Orc who remains to the back of the cavern surveys the sanctum, eyes firmly fixed upon Laronar it prepares to attack. Deciding the mage to be to strong maybe more luck will be had at the sniping archer.
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