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Cadogan prepares a spell and whispers to his familiar. Out of the darkness comes the rattling of scale plates on scale plates. Orcish grunts and curses follow. One by one the beasts appear. First three, then two more. Cadogan waits patiently, blind to the sights which have revealed themselves but fully illuminted to the Orcs because of Laronar's sun rod.
[Cadogan Prepares to Cast Burning Hands]

Two more Javalins fly through the air onto to crash into Cadogan's superior defenses and tumble to the ground broken and worthless.
[Orcs Rolled 11, and 15 +1 is 12, and 16 vs. Cadogan's 22]

Three Orcs come charging forward with large two handed axes ready, one breaks off after Laronar, the elf making it to Cover and turning in time to see the Orc gaining ground on him less then 30ft to go before it will have finally caught him.

The two Orcs make it to Cadogan, and Shrivel gives a cry. Cadogan completes his spell just as the Orcs swing their axes, and all three are engulfed in a blinding flash of light as Cadogan spell does its best to lay waste to the creatures.
[Orcs Rolled 12 and 14 + 0 is 12, and 14 vs. DC 14 - Burning Hands]
[Orc 1 take 4d4 - 3, 2, 3, 1 = 9]
[Orc 2 Saved for Half and takes 9/2 = 4]

Through the flames both Orcs swing their axes in a depeserate attempt to stop Cadogan casting his spell, however neither are able to penetrate the Mages mystical defenses. His invisible disk blocking the blows easily.
[Orc AOO Rolled 15, and 13 +5 (+2 Charging?) is 20, and 18 vs. Cadogan's 22]

As the flames die down only one Orc is standing, and it defiantly grunts and takes a swing at the Mage its Brutish Axe cleaving through Cadogan's Shield and Mage's Armour and finding the Spell casters side. Biting deep Cadogan recoils and puts his hand down to his side feeling the wetness as Blood seeps through his clothing.
[Orc Attack and Rolled 20 (Critical Threat) +3 is 23 vs. Cadogan's 22 - Automatic Hit]
[Critical Thread rolled 9 + 3 = 12 vs Cadogan's 22 - Failed Critical Hit]
[Damage 1d12+3, rolled 4 + 3 = 7]
[Cadogan took 7 Damage]

With one Orc dead, another badly wounded, one charging towards Laronar and two more preparing to enter Melee with the pair. Yet more Orcish grunts can be heard further back in the darkness...
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