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The room Shade finds herself in is large for an inn, with it's own copper tub already filled with steaming water. Putting her bottle down on the rough wooden table, she takes a moment to examine her surroundings. The bed was covered with a straw pallet but that was fresh and relatively comfortable. A large chest sat at the bed's foot and was stocked with towels, cleansing sand, soap and other essentials. An empty armoire of sturdy, if plain, craftsmanship was obviously intended for her own things. There was nothing else remarkable in the room; its single window was shuttered and barred. All and all it was a comfortable if plain lodging.

She dims the lantern until it is but an ember in the dark and lights a couple of candles instead, her gaze lingering on the window beside the sconce. Old habits did not die easily; she unbars it, letting a cold wind wash in, and stares at the street below. Darkness, broken by the streamers of light from the few establishments still open. The alley below her opened on both ends and the building itself didn't look to be a difficult climb. Good for escape, should the need arise, but just as easy for someone to enter. Frowning, she closes and bars the shutters once more, stripping her armor and clothing as she makes her way back to the bottle. She snatches it up and, making sure the leave her swords within easy reach, climbs into the tub.

She sinks down, immersed in the steaming water, letting the heat soak into her. Her mind drifts, partly from weariness, partly from the warmth, partly from the strong drink. Shadows from the candles flicker and dance on the walls and her half closed eyes fancy they can see rough shapes there; gnolls they looked like to her. They roll, then, like a wave and a wall of cold air hits her at the same time, causing her skin to prickle. She leaps up, shedding water, and scans the room but everything looks normal. After a long minute the cold begins to dissipate and she starts to feel rather foolish. Taking another drink from the bottle she is now brandishing, she settles back in the tub and starts the difficult process of scrubbing a week's worth of dirt and blood from her body.