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Why does no one wish to talk to me, it is as if they try to avoid me. Why though, I am not rude, cruel, overbearing or arrogant. Hmm......fine.

Laronar pays his bill and heads outside with a look of disdain. Bottle of wine in hand, Laronar walks the down the street amost inhaling the drink; taking a huge mouthful, whiping the excess from his jaw. Laronar heads down the street showing obvious signs of intoxication. Turning the corner Laronar stumbles upon a grizzely display.

Two bodies lay bloodied, a hint of another around the next corner.

The 3 low lifes that insulted the blind man.............the man with the bloodied hands...............did he do ths?

Laronar drops the bottle of wine, hitting the ground with a dull thud. Laronar falls to his knees looking at the corpses, contemplating what could have happened.

The insult delt to the blind man did not deserve such a punishment, regardless of its severity. Or could this have been a run of the mill mugging gone awry? That man could have just stumbled upon the bodies afterwoods.........unlikely though.

Continuing to stare blankly in contemplation, the shine of torches can be seen radiating off the wall near-by.

"The guard....."

Laronar lumbering to his feat attempts to run but fumbles, falling near one of the deceased. Covered in dirt Laronar makes a swecond attempt at escape before the guard discover the ghastly scene. This time making it around the next corner, hiding behind the stone wall just in time not to be discovered by the guard. Laronar looks down by his feat, the third corpse, the leader of the trio. His death looked most gruesome, a large pool of blood surrounding the body. Horror overwhlems Laronar as whinces before heading off speadilly down the lane.

The echo of yelling can be heard far behind him, as the guards discover the gruesome scene. Laronar dares not look back, he makes his way back to the bar via back avenues.

Edging his way along the wall to the side of the Inn Laronar is sure to make noise as to not be discovered. Guards rush by, making great haste towards the crime scene. Laronar slips back into the bar stealthly, the light shines bright blinding him momentarily. He is pale, as if he had seen a ghost, beads of sweat run down his forehead, eyes aghast.

Laronar heads up stairs, making sure to slip the barkeep 5 gold for the room.
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