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Cadogan sits Idle as Maeko passes a conversation with the newcomer named 'Nicos' Cadogan listens as they speak of their past and Nico's apparent failure or choosing to leave an order known as the Raven's Claw.

Cadogan speaks up.

"Since neither of you know me." Cadogan address' Maeko by tugging on her clothing and Nico by nodding in his direction. "I feel it is my duty to fill you in - after all you both have shared your past with myself." Cadogan pauses for a moment and both Nico and Maeko feel the need to lean close to make sure the blind man is not sleeping.

"I originally arived in this very city, it seems like so long ago. I believe Cadrius is the only person in our troop who will remember." Cadogan mentions the fallen paladin and Cadrius glances his way for a second to see if anyone was addressing him. "Shortly after I arrived, a call to arms went up. Some Orc's had apparently attacked the city and shortly after breached the Palisade. Myself, Cadrius and several others went to action to fight the intruders."

Cadogan reaches up and gives his Raven a scratch under the beak before he continues his tale.

"Unfortunately, when we did repell the intrudes a Wyvern attacked, or so I am told." Cadogan tries cheap humour belittling his blindness but continues. "The creature caused some problems but it was eventually repelled as well, however I was badly wounded in the fighting and despite the medical and magical aid on hand needed to recover. This is when Cadrius and the rest disappear from my tale." He mentions in a quiet whisper towards Maeko.

"After my encounter I was approched by a man he had seen the fighting. After some very stern questions he asked me if I had strong ties to religion, I answered honestly - that is to say, while I do not deny the existance of deities or the divine I have had little experience or need to be religious." Cadogan again turns to Maeko and whispers.

"Naturally I praise the Sister God's of Sorcery, Magic and Wizardry but I do little to apease or worship them on a daily basis." Cadogan turns back to Nico and continues.

"The man was a Arcanist of The Triplets." Cadogan mentions the name and Nico jerks back, he had heard of religious order before. It was a semi-priesthood of tallented wizards and sorcerers who believe in this dark time where magic is feared more then reveared they should be the light and educated and lead people to the truth that magic is a neutral element.

"A Senior member I am told." Cadogan continues distracting Nico's away from his thoughts. "Either way, once I had recovered he returned for me. We traveled away from the city for some time before eventually we arrived at our destination. Over the next few days my magical powers were tested, my mind was tested, and my body was tested - all with my permission no less. It was a hard time but I was willing to put up with the pain for the answers which followed." Cadogan adds a suspencful pause for dramatics.

"It was shortly after this I was asked to join but three conditions." Cadogan pulls down his neck hole on his brown tunic revealing a mark on his skin, not a tattoo but something more magical. A Circle of brilliance of which three women stand, each casting spells, one forward, one left, and one right. Cadogan continues...

"Those conditions where thus;
1. I was to be educated religiously on the neutrality of magic and what this neutrality means.
2. My education was to continue even after I departed from the Halls of the Arcanists.
3. I was to teach all those who were unknowing or unlearned the truth about this, Magic is not to be feared or reveared alone. The person whom uses the magic should be, Magic is a tool. Admittedly a potent one, but a tool none-the-less." Cadogan pauses to make sure he still has an avid audience.

"The last is most challenging because it can of course be dangerious, there can be fanatics are in every kind of people from any profession." Cadogan speaks, and from a table near the trio a burly man stands up with two of his companions and approches the table.

"I 'ere you'd one o' those fiddle-benders!" Says the middle man. "Ya know 'here I's come from fiddle-benders arn'a looked upon nicely!" The man thumps his fist on the table before lowering himself to Cadogan's eyes and looking with confusion as the mage stares blankly ahead with white pupils. He raises his hand and Maeko's heart leaps but the man just waves his hand infront of Cadogan's face, Shirvel snaps at the man's hand with his beak but the man withdraws it just in time.

"Pardon?" Cadogan replies to the man.

"Oh, a smarties boy 'ey?" One of the other men mention as they stand next to their apparent leader.

"Let it be known sorceriousss one. I don'a take kindly to yer kind, I will see yer again but you won'a know it." He leans close and whispers. "'Cause you'll be choakin' on yer own blood." The man picks up a cup of water and throws it in Cadogan's face, the two men to either side laugh and the three man turn to depart.

Maeko and Nico's almost leap out of their seats, but Cadogan promptly puts a foot ontop of each of their shoes.

"Understand now?" Cadogan questions them, drying his face with a frown.
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