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As he finishes his latest song, Nicos, looks up as a group of 5 make their way in through the door, letting in the chilly night air in for a moment. They are all travel-stained, and somewhat bloodied. Two of the newcomers are tall and burly men. Warriors by the look of them, and they share something more in their bearing, and the way that they walk.

As if they were trained by the same person Nicos muses.

The Third of the newcomers hold a stick out in front of him, and it is quickly apparent that he is blind. The forth and by far most eye catching member of the party is a short stature woman, who is completely bald! So stuck is Nicos by this sight that he almost misses the last of the newcomers. Seeming to find shadows to where there are none, this similarly short statured woman, and an extremely dark one at that. Immediately marking her as dangerous, and vowing never to turn his back on her, Nicos steps away from where he was performing.

Dangerous yes, but some times the more dangerous they are, the more fun they end up being

Walking towards them, the bard catches the elbow of one of the –less then completely covered up- barmaids and whispers something in her ear. With a wink at him, she moves towards the bar, while he continues to make his way across the half-full room. Deciding the best approach would be the blind man and the bald woman, he makes his way to them. Giving a small bow, he motions with his only arm at an empty seat.

”’ello, is this seat taken?”
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