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Sitting by the camp fire, Nicos stared into its bright centre ignorant of Cadrius' comments. Instead his thoughts were dominated by the red haired woman he had left behind and the ache that filled his chest.


Thoughts of everything he had lost flittered wildly through his mind, shattering wild fantasies where he regained opportunities and grasped a future against desperate odds. Impossible dreams of things he would never have.

-What if..-

A single night of passion. That was all it had taken to reach deep within the bard, down to depths he had thought locked away forever. One beautiful, wonderful night which had lit a fire within that burned with a terrible and wonderful rapture. A passion he carefully kept hidden behind an irreverent and humorous facade.

-Gods damned everything-

What hurt more then lost opportunities, then the yearning to be with her again, or even the pain of her betrayal was the knowledge that hurt would fade. Tomorrow he would find it a fraction more bearable. The next day it would be a little bit more and so forth time rushed past to separate him from Gemoud, until finally he would wake up to discover that all feelings had faded to a dimly lit memory.

-Why does it have to be like this?-

For now the bard held tightly to the feelings, enjoying the passion and the pain. Yet hating them just as much.

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