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"I'll go first," Xandir says, "I've dealt with booby-traps before."

And boy, has he dealt with booby-traps. It's amazing what some people will pay good coin for, just to keep their possessions in place. Scything-blade traps on windows, high-velocity darts in door-handles, even magical traps that make killing clouds of poison, lethal bursts of flame... or worse.

Shrugging his pack to the floor, he tugs at the flap enough to allow his cat out. He whispers to her for a moment, then she begins prowling around the floor, sniffing and peering into corners. Opposite her, Xandir adopts a similar stance, half-crouched and intent on details.

After about a minute of searching around, Xandir looks up from his work. "Guys, I'm not entirely sure what we've got here." He points at the floor, right in the center of the room. "This has a slight point, like the floor slopes down from here. You can see it better when you look at the doorway from here. The corners are just a little bit lower than the floor there. There are also long scratches on the floor, like something big's dragged to-and-from this line. I can't find the trigger, but the walls--" he indicates the walls on either side-- "aren't joined to the rest. Shade? You think you can find the trigger to this? If you can help me spot it, I might be able to keep it from working."
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