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The persistant dry heat is stifling, as though the cramped chamber were trying to suffocate them. Slipping forward, Shade runs her hand over the strange carved symbols, furrowing her brow in an attempt to puzzle out their meaning. It was most likely the same warning as the others, but it bothers her that she can't make sense of it. It seemed important . . .

She pulls her hand back with a small shock, suddenly realizing that she's been standing and staring at the runes as time slipped by. What had she been thinking about? Ignoring the impatient shifting of the others, she throws her cloak back and examines the door itself in more detail. The stone seemed of the newer sort, and well crafted. The seems all met precisely, with no gaps or cracks.

The warning seemed to indicate a trap, and she takes a good long time on the door itself. In vain, as it happens. The door seems nothing other than a sturdy stone door. She frowns again and folds her arms.

"No matter the warning, there doesn't seem anything out of the ordinary with the door itself . . ."

She draws back the bolt and pulls on the door, moving aside as it swings inward. Cool air flows toward her, the tunnel beyond quickly fading to immeasurable black. The sudden change bothered her, as did the configuration of the door itself.

"Why bolt it on the outside?"