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Happy Summer from the Beach

Hey gaming folks > I'm back for my 6th month gaming check up

Just returned from Heroes Con in Charlotte, getting my comic book geek on for a few days. On the gaming front:

1E game on RPoL > still running with two new players who have come in and meshed so well with the others, you would think they have been gaming together since the onset, 7 years ago!

5E game on Unseen Servant was put on hiatus and the likelihood of resurrecting it is slim.

Currently playing in three games:
On RPoL > 1E; 1/2 Orc cleric of St. Cuthbert > not much to report in the past 6 mos.
On US > LL; Dwarf fighter
and another LL game w/ a Human Vanir Barbarian > loads of fun!

I'm chewing on the prospect of starting a 3.5 game in the late fall but not sure what I'm going to do. Either something from Golarion or in Greyhawk.

Axe high!
~ Hedge

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