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Unread 4th of January, 2015, 08:22
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Hey Josh > I only missed you by about 9 months.

Gaming update (for those who give a hairy rat's ass):

1E game on RPoL still rolling...but rolling slow and I'm ready to move on with this one; got some great players; just ready for something else.

2E game on Unseen Servant was completed last summer...and I'm considering kicking it into gear again...maybe.
Left two games and my evil character got killed off in the other > joined up in a 2E game set in Golarion and a Labrynth Lord sandbox game > having a real good time in both.

Also considering a 3.5 game sometime in the future...
Helping another DM with some Pathfinder stuff...which may eventually result in another game.

Happy New Year everybody!!

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