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On the Road Again 5 - Kicking @$$ & Taking Names!

Initiative Order: Angus (28), Mirko (25), Dreys (13), Giants (12)

“Hmmm, no reason to show myself when I can keep dropping bolts,” Angus decides and points at G6 and calls down another bolt of lightning! (D18)

Mirko's eyes narrow as he closes in on the giant. “That’s right, no one left to bury you.” Then he steps in, whirls, and delivers a devastating slash to the giant’s stomach, opening the hulking creature’s gut to the backbone, spilling entrails all over the forest floor! (D63 – Holy Shit!)
The giant gags and falls to its knees – with one hand it tries to scoop its guts back inside its belly and with the other it reaches for Mirko. But the barbarian isn’t done. He quickly steps close, even as the stench of the giant makes his eyes water, and drives his sword through the giant’s throat and out the back of its thick neck! (D29)

The young man standing nearby gawks at the ferocity of the barbarian’s attack. Mirko grins and says, “That’s how you take down a giant, boy. Let’s go get another.”

With G2 falling, Dreys takes his chance and summons the mighty power of Dumathoin....after a few seconds a huge spike grows from the end of the Burning Blade. Dreys jumps drives the glowing spike into the giant’s groin! (D19) He twists and turns the spiked blade and the giant screams in agony, falling to its knees. With a battle cry, Dreys then drives the glowing spike under the giant’s chin…and the giant opens its mouth to scream again but nothing comes out but blood and smoke. The giant shudders and slumps over, unmoving. (D22)
“Who be next?” Dreys bellows, looking around for more giants.

Seeing their companions die, the other two giants break and run. G5 had already been inching away, so he outdistances G6 by several feet, crashing through brush and vines, heedless of his path. G6, however, only gets a few feet before another blast of icy cold slams it in the back, putting it down for good. (D32)
Once the giant falls, the spellcaster turns to her wounded companion.
“Help me, someone! He’s dying!” she cries.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

Angus – full hp
Mirko – down 70 (DR3 +12 temp. hp); heals 1 hp/rd
Dreys – down 21 (Strength of Stone > +6 to STR & AC)

G1 – dead, G2 – dead, G3 – dead, G4 – dead, G5 – down 24
G6 – dead

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