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I try to squeeze the time a couple times a week. I guess I would make a poor player in this game though. The DM would have to NPC me half the time just to keep the story moving along. I should bow out. I apologize. I thought I was ready to play again.

I will just spend my free time working on my own games that are stalled and works in progress until I get more time free up (sometime in the next year or so!). The older of my two games had a hard time getting off the ground the two times I tried and then I scrapped the world I had to a point by forwarding the timeline through a cataclysm to make it a better world for exploration styled adventuring. The first world I had was getting towards the end of time in the story I played my face to face roleplaying group through. Some people in the group went their separate ways so I decided to rock the world with earthquakes and heavenly wars until little save dust was left. I am currently still formulating the world again to a point where it is playable. The other game. The second game I didn't quite get started was a 4E Forgotten Realms game I wanted to try. Alas, the adventure I made was lost in the move and I have to recreate the whole adventure. And, I am still getting to know the system. Unfortunately I do not have much time or motivation for either right now. Besides, I don't particularily like 4E as much as 3.5ed.

Anyhow, I rant. I will observe and wish you luck with this game. I will let some of you know if I ever get one of my projects started again. Until then, good luck and God's speed.

I will donate the character idea I had for Francis though to run as an interesting allie, terrorizing enemy, or for some future player to take over. Do with him what you will. I put a little time and thought into his creation and would hate to see him completely go to waste. I would have had fun with him. I will post him as soon as I find the notepad I had him in.
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