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There are a few strands which I need to answer.
This is about Rory's request to identify the wand:

Batbilba receives the wand willingly, feels it, and says: I don't feel anything yet, I think I have to carry it around for an hour or so.

AFter an hour, she says: no, still no clue. I am fairly certain that this wand is not identical to one I have. I'll go upstairs and try to use it on myself.
She disappears and reappears after a few minutes: sorry, no success. No mishap either, I am glad to say. Sorry, can't help you with this. You have to seek a spellcaster in our guild. There are a few, but I can't tell you who.
Looking for spellcasters outside our community is dangerous; they are all in league with the clerics and with the authorities. Shouldn't try that.

Batbilba then returns the wand to Rory.
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