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Rory has been living with the Guild since his father was sentenced. Fearing reprisals by angry religious types at their family home, he felt it wasn't safe there. Batbilba, who had always been more of a mother to him than his real mother, insisted he stay at the Coffee House until the worst blew over.

Rory sits in his room, upstairs, pondering last nights haul. Throwing aside worthless trinket after worthless trinket, he comes across a bone statue of some Sun god. He examines the statue and concludes it can't be worthless. At the very least, it looks heavy enough to knock someone out if used correctly, or violently.

It's at this point he remembers the cleric that gave up the statue, also handed over a bizarre looking stick. He pulls it from the sack behind his bed, reserved for anything that could explode - safety first - and bites it. "It's definitely a wand" Rory concludes with uncertainty...

[OOC: Appraise (+6) checks on Statue of Pelor and unknown wand]
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