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Lade's stony problem would have been quickly solved back at Pelor's Cathedral, I was trying to find some interesting mechanics which would present as the side effects for Grimjaw's dwarvern cure (a feat chain or a short PrC). The poison itself was just that, it doesn't quite relate directly to the sixty-sixth Septuagint, Master of Dead Dreams, Yaldabaoth.

The Septuagint were just me directly ripping off the Cthulhu-style "creatures beyond time and space that just do not operate on your scale". Here that equated to not existing solely in this world (or the one above or below it) but in all of them simultaneously. So the prisoner planned to destroy Aos and the rest of the universe because he valued his own freedom more than a microscopic set of worlds that existed in his chains. The Septuagint, and their snappy titles, were entities beyond any attempts at understanding. A fragment of one just happened to be sitting on the place of power that the thirteenth anchor needed putting and then it swatted at you a bit before forgetting you even existed.

The plan was to never mention them again outside of the spear (which I was thinking about scaling up, so it stuck there causing you to wonder what the deal was). That said, I was going to make a casual reference to a different Septuagint in the Island (as Tash plays in both), hopefully he'd remember the word and wonder if it was just me splitting an idea or whether it implied that the world of that game was somehow part of the one in this game.
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