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The Kings themselves weren't new as such, it was just that the "hearted" rats let them become more overtly manifest. The reason that they had their religions was because the way of life for the souless rats was Kings picking Sigil-bearers and then amassing hordes of rats (as the horde would give the King power). Every time the moon dawned, the rats were stripped off from Aos though, leaving the Kings to start again, trying to pull together enough strength to break the cycle.

So when the rats with souls on the interior of Aos kept their religions they suddenly were feeding a hell of a lot of power to these entities.

If you'd told Bargrivyek to sod off, then I had two ideas I was playing with:
1) Karthas says yes. So you still end up at the dragon (with water) and I have a different route to write out Karthas if needs be.
2) Bargrivyek sods off, leaving you waterless and with hostile rats. You kill a few more and it becomes obvious that this is creating some kind of microholes between the worlds that are very rapidly healing. You'd most likely have had to start drinking delicious blood at this point, or even eating the leaves. I planned to have Karthas come up with an idea for getting you back (gathering a group of rats together, maybe with some tokens and then sacrificing them to bend reality) - the failure of this plan would force the dragon's hand who would decide to send some of his "minions" (the confused rats who gave him their tokens) to demand you stop trying to destroy the world and come and see him.

I had a few ideas for other mortals on this side of the plane. The original wizard from the Broken Tower who accidentally made the rift, wandering around gradually losing his sanity, but kept alive by his magic. He may have shown up if I went with option 2 (the arrival of the PCs was pretty noticeable).

Far to the south near Hollowfaust (where the original "we kill undead" Moonbringers were from there was one of their experiments, a golem designed to kill any being with a captive soul - however, it misunderstood its orders, so it merrily included people (as well as liches and the like) in its list of things to kill. In the battle where it slaughtered most of its creators, one of them managed to push it to the other side, where it broke down. I was toying with the idea of trying to lure you down there, but I couldn't think of anything, so my plan was to save it for later and have you need to return to the other side at some point (possibly to deal with a King).
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