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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The words from Whonan seem to affect Cadrius as he remains silent and becomes a bit more introspective. Brushing a rogue strand of dark hair out of his eyes he nods slowly.

He is right, you have killed, and not all of them were deserving of their fate.

Cadrius shakes his head and then the prisms of light cause a brief flash in his blue eyes. Dazed by the brilliance he takes a moment for his eyes to clear, the faint shadows of the prisms blazed across his vision. He blinks once and his vision is clear.

"What-" he begins before shutting his mouth again, the muscles in his jaw clenched. Somethings are best left unexplained.

As the man instructs him to lie to any guards that might come by Cadrius frowns for a moment, but he has little time to think as the aforementioned guards arrive quickly.

What? You're gawking at telling a lie? After all you've done, after every person that you have hurt, you hesitate to lie. What was the dwarf to you anyway?

I suppose so...something is not right here. I must learn more before I can make a judgement.

He looks back up at the guards and says, "No, I-I don't know who it was. It happened so fast. I just saw a brown cloak. That's all."

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