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Cadrius sprints down the street... but Whonan remains still.... to the observer in deep thought... the air shifts briefly about him...

in the mind of the woman comes a slight echo.
""Come and gone so suddenly, stay a moment and talk.""

The strange Grey clad man, now begins to walk slowly down the street in no hurry at all. And again the air moves.

""Don't try to hide... I can feel your mind."" Again echoing only in the mind of the woman.

--- Whonan normally wouldn't be bothered by the presence of someone... even if they were a murderer... but something about this one fascinated him..... his eyes flickering with life he trods ever still slowly down the street... in the general direction that Cadrius set off in..... not even a bit distracted by the barkeep running to the street behind him calling wildly for the guards whos armour can be heard clamering from the direction of the gates.
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