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As Cadrius sits down to breakfast, Whonan steps through the door, looking very tired and weary.... although he is oddly alone, covered in dirt and ash. His expression is of exhaustion, but also simultaneously of joy with a slight smile popping through the mask of fatigue.

He pulls a seat next to Cadrius...

"You know, you really shouldn't walk around with an open wound." He says out of the blue (possibly a pocket of megamieuwsel's).... but obviously not seeing the well hidden injury.

While Cadrius is still caught off guard... the odd man looks to the help, and orders an ample breakfast... paying a hardy price extra for some fresh fruit.

Upon the foods arrival it is attacked with a ferosity that would make a rampaging wolverine take notice... although never without manners, making quick work of the meal... and a slight nod, Whonan seems to discard the exhaustion and looks to be rejuvinated.... he turns to the fashionable man in blue.

"So when did you want to leave.?"
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