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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The gauntlets are off now, Koden thinks. Had he a cooler head he might realize exactly how dangerous this creature must be. Yet his temper shines through and he falls into another chant. With each word and gesture he feels filled with the spirit of the Phoenix, the spirit that his house is supposed to represent.

"If you don't like that trick," he says, sneering at the thing that was Lushima, "perhaps you'll like this one."

Completing the spell, a ball of flame appears in the plam of Koden's hand. Heat roils off it, but it does not harm his flesh as he gently tosses it up and down. The flame rises and falls hypnotically. Eyes narrowing, he snatches the ball from the air.

"Care to try this one?"

((OOC: Cast Produce Flame and move to where he has a clear line of fire to Lushima))