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Moving to the rear of the room, only two guards pay attention to Xiao as she distances herself from the fight. Koden and Kataji on the left, the General infront and a spearman on the right. Behind Koden 2 guards stand, and behind the General a further 2 more wait.

Koden casts his spell, but Lushima just laughs and spits something in his native tongue equating to an "amature" insult. Kataji moves forward ready to grable but like lightning Lushima evades her attacks, the General brings himself forward his sword now glowing a distant cyan colour.

Lushima looks the man up and down bringing forth his sword, he mutters some words and his cloaked in an errie black mist which burns your noses with a stench of ember and carrion.

"I would be careful." The general speaks in a monotone to Kataji and Koden. "He is not human."

At this instant Lushima lets out a laugh which sounds far too deep for it to be him alone. "Not human!? Hah! you grace me."

"He is a trickster, a killer, a paracite." The general continues.
"Oh yes." Lushima replies.
"First he finds a host, then he sucks on thier life force untill they are gone - in the mean time causing all kind of chaos, yes, we've met before." The General speaks over Lushima's sarcasm.
"Oh yes, quite a few times." Comes the responce with a coy smile.
"This time is the last time, Mitimoshi!" The general spits the last words.
"Argh! My Name! You... YOU! I will kill you!" Lushima or whatever it is seems quite panics and aggrivated by the generals words. In his defiant stance he grins saddistically.

"Meet my work, my terror, my brutal savage nature. For Four hundred years!" He raises one of his arms into the air and the room is filled with screams and shrieks of people, both male, female, and child, a cold chill strikes the bones of everyone, three of the guards, Koden, Xiao and Kataji begin to shudder uncontrolably at the screams of the people this thing has consumed - Teto lies in a ball at the rear of the room screaming.

The creature raises its sword, and goes to strike at the general in his moment of weakness, but the general parries with his enchanted blade faster and surer then the sun hits the found upon sunrise.

The guards at the back of the room remain standing although a clear sweat is on the brow of a few, and they are uneasy and look slightly frightened.

(Koden, that spell was one you do not know of and judging by the lack of words, or movements it seems almost impossible that it was a spell at all - but more of an ability.)


(OOC: Sorry for the heavy dialogue in the combat but I needed to add it, to make everything suddenly clear, and don't worry you're not as useless as you seem, remember trickery does not equal strength.)
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