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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Uncertain as to the actions of the now-accused murderer, Koden takes several steps to the side and puts Lushima squarely in his sights.

What to do? he wonders, afraid for the first time that the Chinese might not have priests, and thus panic if he were to conjure fire. There is also the matter of setting the room on fire, something Koden is not all that adept at avoiding. They must have some magic here, he decides, let's start with something simple.

He falls into a quick chant, swaying back and forth. One hand begins to fall into a gentle, circular pattern. His ring, the signet of his family, seems to glow more brightly.

"Follow the ring," he says, his voice becoming more soothing and deeper as the invisible strands of magic stretch forward, attempting to ensnare Lushima's consciousness.

((OOC: casting Hypnotism on Lushima))

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