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Kataji and Koden:

The day passes with relatively unease. Your suspicions and worry continue to bolster in the pit of your stomachs as the acceptance slowly filters through that Kataji has been cleared of any wrong doing. You wonder the compound, visit the guardens, talk in pricacy about your suspicions but as it seems there is nothing left to do but wait. Shortly after you both eat afternoon lunch, Koden's servant makes an appearance, and Kataji feels awkward.

The friend of the murdered victim, who had exploded with fury the first time she had set her eyes on Kataji aproaches slowly and quietly. Koden imposes himself a few steps forward in case of foul play or vengence. However she stops a few paces ahead.

"I just came to say im sorry." Lei Ping says, "I have heard the charges against you were dropped, and i've come to ask for forgiveness." She speaks to Kataji as she lowers her head and waits for a reply.


You lay in bed as silent and still as you can for as long as you dare, the man across the room continues to meddle with his spear and hum childhood songs to himself before long he lets out a sigh.

"This game of yours is growing long and boring." He speaks, and your heart jumps at that instant. Was he speaking to you? If not who? You peak a look to see the man is sitting, wrapping leather around his spear shaft near the tip to re-enforce it while smiling. No one else is in the room.

"If you don't eat, the food will go to waste, and the cook will be angered by your intentions about his ability to prepare a meal." The man speaks but does not look in your direction instead continues to wrap the leader around the shaft slowly and carefully.
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